Sep 28, 2010

Get to know your world – even better. Introducing MapQuest Atlas…

All of us at MapQuest are committed to delivering products and services that help people in their everyday lives. You can see this in our recent redesign and user experience. With this in mind, today we are introducing Atlas — an online encyclopedia-like service for educators and students, as well as for the use by the general public. We can’t think of a better home for maps of our world than MapQuest.

With constantly changing geographical, political, economical, environmental factors, it is only getting harder for most of us to get to know our world. Well, maybe except for the CIA. Which is great since that is where the majority of the data in Atlas comes from!

With the advancements in technology, transportation, communication and every other field of human intervention, shouldn’t it be getting easier? Well, we think so. That’s why we developed Atlas. We hope this brings the farthest reaches of the world closer to you.

Not only is Atlas bringing the world closer, it is giving you all of the information in one location. We have compiled information into one easy-to-access location so you can learn about:

  • Countries – geography, people, government and more.
  • Continents & Oceans – the land & people of the continents and find the natural resources available in the oceans.
  • Your World – the world population, religions, languages, climate, etc.

You can also use these galleries and tools:

  • Compare Countries – compare any two countries in multiple categories like population, area, natural resources, climate, etc.
  • Photos – visualize the most prominent spots in countries through a collection of hundreds of photos.

So whether you are preparing lesson plans or creating a geography report or even if you want to hone your Trivial Pursuit skills, come check out Atlas, by MapQuest.