Oct 11, 2010

Donation to OSMF for Hardware

Exciting news from the Open Initiative team! I’m happy to report that MapQuest has made a large donation to the OpenStreetMap Foundation for additional hardware to support daily OSM operations.

My very proper American public school upbringing (it was like Hogwarts, but lacking magic, interesting curriculum and for that matter, beautiful English countryside) prohibits me from mentioning anything as gauche as monetary amounts. However, I can say it will provide additional capacity on the technical side of things. Steve Coast, chairman of the OSM Foundation commented on the contribution, “This is only the beginning of serious involvement by large-scale mapping sites to embrace OSM. Infrastructure support like this is fundamental to the growth of OpenStreetMap. A generous donation like MapQuest’s helps the project perform on the latest technology and gives us the capacity to grow.”

AOL and MapQuest are fired up to get the US community mapping. As Randy Meech, Head of Engineering for Mapping and Local, said earlier this year, “We believe that open source is ultimately the future of AOL’s local and mapping applications.” Patch, AOL’s rapidly growing community-specific news and information website and MapQuest’s sister company, already uses OpenStreetMap data to power all their maps.  But what do we need first? Strong Infrastructure…

Antony Pegg, our savvy Director of Open and obsessed TIGER data fixer, had this to say about MapQuest’s monetary support: “It’s very easy, as a consumer of the data, and even as a contributor, to forget about the donated infrastructure, maintained by volunteers.  No server or no sys-admin = no OSM. My hope is these dedicated volunteers will use this donation to improve both the OSM environment they maintain, and the tools they rely on for maintenance.”

Here’s looking to a brighter, faster OSM future!

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