Oct 12, 2010

“Welcome to the OpenStreetMap Community”

We have a very special treat for you today on our DevBlog:  a guest post by Richard Weait, a long-time OpenStreetMap and Open Source advocate.  Richard wrote here about why the OpenStreetMap (OSM) community is important and how you can help.  His post also includes a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through your first OSM edit as well!

MapQuest has been involved with the OSM community since early July 2010 when we launched our first beta site, http://open.mapquest.co.uk.  This new site uses the new MapQuest page look and feel but using only freely available OpenStreetMap data in the map.  We also released 4 new sites with fun new functionality last month – read more about it here in our DevBlog.

The following is an excerpt from Richard’s blog post – enjoy!

What is the best thing that you can do for OSM? Add your neighborhood information!
The park you played in as a kid, your favorite local restaurant, even the hiking trail you enjoy with your family, these are all important potential contributions to OpenStreetMap. You are the expert in your neighborhood and you see it every day. When you put information about your neighborhood into OSM you share it with everybody else. When your neighborhood changes, you can update the information in OSM.  Or, when a street is newly made a one-way, you can update that information for travelers. When a new school is constructed you can add it to OSM for folks moving to your town.