Oct 19, 2010

MapQuest Open – Now in India!

Today, we’ve launched a new MapQuest Open site that’s outside of Europe – http://open.mapquest.in – for all our friends in India! MapQuest has many other websites that are international country specific, but we’ve never had one for India – until now – and it’s using OpenStreetMap data!

When you first visit open.mapquest.in in your browser – the map is centered on India and the default language is English.  Here’s a nice map of Mumbai that has a lot of detail that has been created from scratch by OpenStreetMap (OSM) mappers from all over the world.   This new Open site has all the great features that our regular MapQuest sites have that you’re used to – a map style that is easy on your eyes, single box search for cities and locations of interest, and of course, driving directions with draggable routes enabled.

Another wonderful thing about this new site for India, is that it also has all the great elements on our MapQuest Open sites – map tiles updated every 15 minutes, with driving directions and search being updated daily.

Do you have a concern that the map data is incorrect or you just want to add in that great restaurant?  Simply right-click anywhere on the map, edit the data in OSM and it’ll appear in our tiles within minutes.

We also have these same great map tiles available for any website developer to use, for free!  Just check out the multitude of information on our Developer Network.

In addition to India, we’re continuing to round out our European map sites by launching two more MapQuest Open international sites in Europe: Austria and Belgium!

And…as if that wasn’t enough – we’ve also enable our carousal search bar for easy searching on the map near your location. Happy Mapping!