Nov 16, 2010

My Maps: Oh the places you’ll go…save and share.

I think we can all agree that everyday life offers us plenty of adventures. Whether we are managing business meetings, soccer games or planning a trip with friends and family, each and everyday is filled with adventure.  As Dr. Seuss said: “Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!”

With this in mind, we created My Maps.  We debuted this tool when we launched the New MapQuest back in June, but with all the changes, you may not have noticed the addition and/or realized all the things it can do! To give you an idea, My Maps lets you create and save maps of important (or not so important) locations and then easily share it with friends and family. With My Maps you can:

  1. Create a Trip ItinerarySpring Break Road Trip, Napa Wine Tour, etc
  2. Plan an EventWedding Weekend, Pub Crawl, etc
  3. Create a CollectionMy Favorite Pizza Places, Vermont Cheese Trail, etc
  4. TBD – In other words, things that we haven’t even thought of yet

MapQuest My Map for a Wedding Weekend

If you still need some ideas to get started on your own My Maps, we have plenty. How about the best route to see holiday lights – plan ahead and share with neighbors to give them tips on where to go. Or are you planning a weekend ski trip or three days in a new city? How about something more off the beaten path? Think about these trips now and start building, save it, add to it, ask friends for suggestions and then publish it to your social network.

Still need more inspiration?  Well, check out our latest My Map Thanksgiving Dinner…On a Map.  As a heads-up, this one falls under that ‘TBD’ category that I mentioned earlier.  Take a peak – you might be able to use it as a way to talk to that cousin that you’re always seated next to at Thanksgiving. Hey, we all need some good conversation starters….

We hope you’ll take a sec to check out My Maps and find it as entertaining/helpful/fun/informational as we do.  Check back again next week for a quick ‘how-to’ create your own My Map.  Until then…