Nov 18, 2010

Project HotSpot

[proj-ekt hot-spot]
1. a large or major undertaking
2. a country or region where large amounts of people congregate
3. a cute name for a really neat project

We’re loving the new OpenStreetMap (OSM) data that is powering our site and our other international country sites like Germany and India.  We like it so much, we want to bring that goodness into all our consumer experiences in 2011 and that’s why we’ve launched Project HotSpot!

Project HotSpot (read about it here on the OSM Wiki and in this week’s Project of the Week post) is all about adding in the juicy details to vacation hotspots across the USA such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, Mall of America, etc.  To the left is an example of some of the great detail work that has already been done on Disney’s Epcot Center in Florida.  As you zoom and pan around on this particular mapped location – you’ll see details such as restaurants, foot paths, names of rides, and even restroom locations.

In order for Project HotSpot to get off the ground and be great – we need your help!  We need your help in adding the details to vacation hotspots such as Yellowstone National Park, San Diego Zoo, and even Wrigley Field in Chicago, Il.  Hotspot details can be done using Potlatch (here’s a link to our primer) or JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) or any other variety of tools and mapping techniques that are available.  We’ve also written a Beginner’s Guide to OSM that gives a wealth of information about OpenStreetMap and why it’s important.

There are many fine examples of the OSM data showing such fantastic details like the one-ways of the parking lots off Epcot Center Drive or the direction of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride!  Even golf courses can be mapped – like the course in Coimbatore, India (below), if that’s your preferred vacation hotspot.  And, don’t forget our universities and college campuses – they need map details too!