Nov 18, 2010

Tips + tricks for the new MapQuest

Let’s start off with a big bear hug to all of you loyal MapQuest fans—we ♥ you!  We’re listening to your feedback about the new site and appreciate your emails and support!

We figure this is a great time to start sharing tips and tricks, so you can become one of our power users:

Direction Hints in MapQuest Directions

Direction Hints

Direction Hints – (pictured right) Keep an eye out for the new direction hints in our driving directions.  They’ll help you anticipate upcoming turns and recognize if you’ve gone too far.

Live Traffic – Keep yourself out of a jam with our Live Traffic info. It’s updated every 5 minutes, with great coverage for highways and local roads. Remember, you can click on incident and construction icons for more details.

Hide Steps in Printed Directions - (pictured below) Want to simplify driving directions in your neighborhood? Now you can hide steps on your printed directions. Once you have a map or directions, click the “Print” button in the upper left corner, then click “Hide Row” to only print out the steps you really need.

Hide Steps in MapQuest Printed Directions

Hide Steps in Printed Directions

MapQuest Map Toolbar

MapQuest Toolbar

Mouse Right-Click on Map – Want to pinpoint someplace without an address—like a picnic spot in a large park, or one of those hard-to-find soccer fields? You can mouse right-click on the map and we’ll return an approximate address or latitude/longitude coordinates for that location. Then you can save it to your My Maps and share it with others.

Map Toolbar - (pictured left) It’s easy to find businesses around you (or along the way) with the Map Toolbar. Try using our suggested categories or enter whatever you’re looking for in the search field.

We’ll share more tips soon. In the meanwhile, consider yourself “in the know” and pass it on!