Dec 2, 2010

Switzerland and the Netherlands

As announced today – we’ve added to our list of OpenStreetMap (OSM) powered country-specific sites: bringing you Switzerland and the Netherlands! Both countries are rich in detailed map data provided by mappers just like you and me.  Here are a couple of images showing the two capital cities and the surrounding area.

Both of these new sites contain all the same features that we’ve been building on for several months – wonderful tools such as:

  • Language selection – pick your favorite no matter what country site you’re on
  • Right click to find the nearest feature in the map – whether it’s a road or a restaurant
  • Sharing options galore – Facebook®, send to email or GPS
  • Map toolbar – find parks or ATMs or even gas/petrol stations on the map

Much of the development of the country-specific sites is available for use on our Developer Network.  You can also find out more about OSM and how to edit or add to the map in your own neighborhood.