Dec 6, 2010

Time To Do The Robot… And a Few Other Things

We have a few updates to our MapQuest 4 Mobile app we want to share with you.

A few months ago, we let all MapQuest users vote on the next MapQuest 4 Mobile Position Icon and the winner was the Robot. For those of you unfamiliar with the feature, the Position Icon in the MapQuest 4 Mobile app is the icon that represents your location on the map. The default is the Waving Man, but there are 13 other icons to choose from including a custom icon, which can be a photo from your phone. Pretty fancy, huh?

Also in the updated MapQuest 4 Mobile app we added one box search, a popular feature on the new Whether you are looking for a specific address, browsing for a local restaurant, or trying to find the closest shopping center, you can enter as much information as you know in one box and we will help you find it.

We are always receiving feedback from our users and one of the biggest requests from you was to allow the screen to rotate as you navigated. We made this update a few months ago and while it has been really popular, some users miss having the top of the screen always pointing North. So, we decided to bring that feature back as an option. You now have the option to lock the orientation. It’s all about choice.

We think these updates will come in handy right before the holidays. So go download the updated MapQuest 4 Mobile app today and check out all the choices for a Position Icon, as well as the other useful features.