Dec 16, 2010

MapQuest Proudly Introduces

After the successful launches of 10 open-sourced maps in Europe and Asia in partnership with OpenStreetMap (OSM), MapQuest is proud to launch its U.S. site located at  The new site empowers consumers to improve MapQuest open map data by adding rich content such as tourism attractions, footpaths, new businesses or developments, and biking or hiking trails.

MapQuest’s new open site enables consumers in the U.S. to play an active role in improving the depth and quality of the map.  Today, there are more than 320,000 registered OSM users worldwide, including a growing U.S. contingency in urban locations such as San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Denver. provides the same features as our 10 sites in Europe and Asia, and also debuts a new error-reporting tool (which has been added to all of MapQuest’s open sites).  For many, this tool may be their first step in becoming OSM contributors.  Now, on any open MapQuest site, errors can be reported directly and are displayed in near real-time.  These errors can range from an incorrect speed limit or directional changes on a street to a missing parking lot or a new cultural institution. Read more details here in our Developer Blog.

“While the launch of our U.S. open site is significant, we are just scratching the surface on the power of open source, and its broader potential for MapQuest and the mapping ecosystem worldwide,” said Christian Dwyer, senior vice president and general manager, MapQuest.  “We look forward to the continued enhancement of all MapQuest open sites across the globe, leveraging the richness of OSM maps to create compelling user experiences in 2011.”

There are many fun ways to get involved: Mapping parties are a fantastic social activity that engage your community and build maps with things relevant to your family or neighborhood.  Look for an OpenStreetMap group in your area (here’s our Denver group for example) or contact us and we’ll help you start one.  To learn more about the project, go here!  Happy Mapping!

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