Jan 13, 2011

MapQuest and Ford Partner on MyFord Mobile App for Electrified Vehicle Drivers

At a CES 2011 keynote, Ford announced its electric vehicle, as well as our partnership with them on the new MyFord Mobile app, which will allow Focus Electric drivers to make safe and smart-trip planning decisions. Using the features powered by MapQuest, drivers of the new vehicles will be able to:

  • Locate charging stations and get the destination sent to the vehicle
  • Know if the vehicle can reach a specific charge station with the current charge level, and if not, it will make recommendations on how to drive more efficiently to get there
  • Create a journey or itinerary with multiple stops — and be informed of the likelihood the car has adequate charge for the full trip
  • Find the car by creating a route from a mobile phone to the vehicle.

Service is expected in conjunction with Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) launch in late 2011.

The MyFord Mobile app uses MapQuest to find charging stations.  (Credit: Ford)