Jan 20, 2011

MapQuest’s ‘Send to’ Gets an Upgrade

MapQuest's Send To Cell and EmailWe just launched a nice upgrade to the ‘Send To’ feature, ultimately making it easier for you take maps and directions with you on the go.  The upgrade now sends you to our new MapQuest Mobile Web experience, a site that feels more app-like than most mobile websites.

To give the Send To email or phone a try, pull up a MapQuest map or directions from your computer or iPad and click “Send To” at the top-left of the page. You can send the link to yourself, friends, and/or family. It won’t matter if the recipient is using a home computer, smartphone, or an older cell-phone with a web-browser – they’ll all be able to open the link and access the info they planned in advance from their computer.  From here, MapQuest Mobile Web can now use your phone’s GPS to find your current location (assuming your phone is capable), search for restaurants, parking, etc in 1-click, and get directions to a multitude of places.

Hope you find the new upgrade useful!