Feb 3, 2011

MapQuest Opens Up The Americas, Completes World Routing, Adds New Open Services

Today, we added an additional eight new country-specific Open.MapQuest.* sites that are built on OpenStreetMap data – branching out into select South American countries along with Canada and Finland!  Here’s the complete list:

Puerto Rico: open.mapquest.com.pr Portugal: open.mapquest.com.pt Brazil: open.mapquest.com.br
Venezuela: open.mapquest.com.ve Chile: open.mapquest.cl Haiti: open.mapquest.ht
Finland: open.mapquest.fi Canada: open.mapquest.ca

We’ve also added some great new functionality for developers: Open Guidance Service, Open JavaScript SDK, Open Aerial tiles! Read this informative Developer’s Blog post containing all the details and sample code snippets. Alternate routes is another fantastic functionality that we announced earlier this week – read more here. And – not to be outdone – we’ve now got world-wide routing using OSM data! So, you can even now get a route from Dublin to Shanghai and be sure to view the alternate routes!

World wide driving directions with alternate routes: Dublin to Shanghai

We have one more cool feature that we’ve added specifically for our OSM mappers: a list of places that you’ve clicked on to edit in Potlatch 2 called: My Map Edits.  This functionality gives the individual contributor the ability to quickly and easily recall the maps that they contributed to and see how the map data is enriched by those contributions and others in the area.

My Map Edits

And finally, on our main U.S. site, open.mapquest.com we are joining in the Super Bowl fun with the addition of the Play-by-Play directions (read more here).  The OpenStreetMap community has also been working hard to add the new expanded highway, exit ramps, and other road changes in the area around the Cowboys Stadium. If you happen to live in the area, feel free to join in the fun to help improve and update the map.