Feb 10, 2011

MapQuest Introduces Walking and Transit Directions!

MapQuest gets a lot of passionate feedback from our 44+ million users.  Among the most frequent enhancement requests are walking and transit directions on MapQuest.com.  With increasingly walkable cities and the growing popularity of transit as a convenient and eco-friendly travel option, we are happy to announce the launch of…both!

Walking Directions are now available just about everywhere driving directions are on MapQuest.com (we’ve had them for a while on our MQ4Mobile and Mobile Web apps).  Walking directions will guide you down the most efficient paths and through parks, often avoiding vehicle traffic. To use the feature, just click Get Directions, select the “walking man” icon above the Start field, and enter your locations.  It’s as simple as that!

MapQuest Transit Directions Example

Rail Transit Directions are now available in six major metro areas (NYC, Chicago, D.C., San Fran, Boston and Philly) all of which have large subway, elevated and/or commuter rail networks. Rail transit is integrated with walking directions, allowing travelers in these cities to route between towns, addresses, points of interest, or specific transit stations.

To use the transit feature, just click on the train icon (right next to the walking icon), enter your locations, and select the time and date of your trip. Your route map will show walking and transit segments in different colors, with icons indicating the mode of travel, station locations, and transfers. Timing information will be included in your step-by-step directions in the left column. For more details, please see our Help site.

While extremely helpful for travel planning, MapQuest Transit version 1.0 is just a starting point. We’ll be working to add more cities, transit system maps and station details, mobile support, bus routing, and additional enhancements.

Please try out the new features, and stay tuned for more!