Mar 13, 2011

Build Custom Maps Quickly and Easily With Map Builder Beta

Creating robust maps for your business, your blog, or your website just became easier with MapQuest Map Builder Beta!

MapQuest Map Builder enables you to create custom interactive maps quickly and easily.  Create a map for your business using your logo as the map pin and allow customers to get driving directions to your business.  Create a map of your favorite local hotspots to share with your friends on your blog.  Create a map of local news stories, upcoming events, or your team’s weekend soccer tournament.

Let’s take a quick look at MapQuest Map Builder Beta:  Add points to your map by dropping a pin directly on the map or by looking up location by address, name, or latitude and longitude.   You can customize each location you add to the map by providing your own title and description.  You can also change the design of the map pin on the map by choosing from our pin gallery or by linking to your own image!

Map Builder lets you draw shapes, too!  Use the shape tools to draw lines, rectangles, ellipses, or your own custom polygons on the map.  You can even change the color, opacity and border of the shapes you put on the map.

Once you are done, simply save your map and copy and paste the code into your website.  Map Builder creates both an interactive map and a map as a static image for you to use.   It’s that simple.

Take a look at some tutorials and some of the sample maps we’ve created in Map Builder.

If you are a WordPress user, you can install the Map Builder for WordPress plug-in.  When you create maps with the plug-in, the maps insert directly into your post or page.

As always, we appreciate hearing feedback from our users.  And, stay tuned for more features for MapQuest Map Builder in the future!