May 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Brunch, Flowers and Other Things to Make Her Smile

Mother's Day 2011 Brunch, Flowers and Other IdeasIn theory, you should always listen to your mother. But no matter what she says (‘I don’t need anything! It’s just a silly Hallmark® holiday!’), she’s expecting you to pull out all the stops on Mother’s Day.

Luckily, the editors at City’s Best have done all the legwork for you this year. Simply click on the “Mom’s Day” icon in our Map Toolbar on for your city location to see a list of these recommendations.

They’ve combed 25 cities across the country picking out the best brunch spots, special activities and impressive florists to ensure Mom has a lovely day (and that you don’t endure guilt or three weeks of passive aggressive behavior).

Not that she’d ever do that.

Ashley McAdams is a Senior Editor of Local at Huffington Post Media Group.