Jun 24, 2011

Green Travel Tip: Send Your Maps and Directions to Your Mobile and Save a Tree

Do you know it would take 17,000 trees to make the paper for one month’s worth of printed MapQuest driving directions?* That’s a lot of paper and ink!

Traveling TipsNext time you are planning a trip – travel green. Instead of printing the directions, just send it to your phone. On the printer-friendly page, you’ll see the new Send to Mobile option. Just enter your mobile number, then click ‘Send to Mobile’ and a text message with your maps and directions will be sent to your phone.  The link in the text message takes you to MapQuest.com on your mobile. A mobile map gives you quick access to helpful features like:

  • Pan, drag, and zoom the map to see more than what the printout would have given you
  • See traffic flows & incidents
  • Access location details & phone numbers
  • View aerial maps
  • Search nearby – a parking lot or nearest gas station?
  • In the event you get lost: find yourself on the map (iPhone & Android devices)

If you haven’t already, download our iPhone or Android app and get an even better experience through FREE GPS turn-by-turn Navigation.

[* One tree equals 8,000 sheets of paper according to thinkrecycle.com.]