Jun 28, 2011

Create a 4th of July Events Map with Map Builder

The 4th of July weekend is always full of events in cities and towns around the country.  From parades to community barbecues to firework displays, there’s no shortage of things to do and see.  With Map Builder, it’s easy to create a map of events and activities to help your fellow Americans explore and decide what to do.

To create your own custom map, simply go to Map Builder and add the locations for your events and activities. Make it a personal map by adding comments or helpful hints. From there, you can easily share with your friends and family on your blog, website or even your local newspaper.

Here’s one we created for the Denver area:

Fireworks Icon

Need a graphic to use as a fireworks map pin? Use ours!

Creating a parade route is easy as well.  Just choose the line tool in the drawing panel and trace the path the parade follows. We traced the Philadelphia Independence Day Parade route below.

We’ve created a few maps of 4th of July events ourselves that we’re happy to let you use as well! Choose a city below to check out the map and copy and paste the provided code to include the map on your site!

Stay tuned for more features and news on Map Builder and have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!