Sep 20, 2011

Search Made Simple: Find Restaurants, Hotels and More

To help you find places easier, we’ve enhanced Search on our Map Toolbar with new categories and a more intuitive user-interface with six new category icons and relevant business categories in the drop-down menu that include:

1. Lodging: Hotels & Motels and Campgrounds
2. Restaurants & Bars: Coffee and Fast Food
3. Travel Services: Airports, Gas Stations, Parking
4. Shopping: Retail Apparel, Grocery Stores, Florists
5. Activities: Tourist Attractions, Museums, Casinos, Parks
6. Local Services: Schools, Pharmacies, Post Offices

We improved our Map Toolbar so it’s quicker to use and has your primary search needs in mind. We removed the rotating carousel of categories, so you can expect to find each icon, such as the Restaurant “fork-and-knife” in the same position each time. We also recognize that you have a wide array of restaurants choices, so we expanded the ability to search for restaurants by a certain restaurant type or cuisine to help you narrow your appetite needs.

Search for restaurants and bars on MapQuest Map Toolbar

Here’s another helpful tip for your next road trip: To find the cheapest gas along your route and a rest area about halfway along through the trip, just enter your starting and ending destinations, click on the Gas Stations and Rest Area icons under Travel Services, and we’ll suggest where to stop along the way.

MapQuest directions with gas stations and rest areas along the route

We’d love to hear your feedback and find out how this feature helps your trip planning needs!

P.S. If you’re a business owner and want to ensure that your business is included in the search results for a specific category, check out our Local Business Center blog post on SEO Tips and the “Categories” feature!