Feb 15, 2012

Southwest Airlines Launches MapQuest Flight Tracker on WiFi-enabled Flights

Next time you are flying Southwest Airlines on a WiFi-enabled flight, be sure to check out the new flight tracker, built and powered by MapQuest, in the Southwest Airlines In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Portal.

Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker - OKC to Denver shortly after takeoff

After visiting my family in Oklahoma over the holidays, I took these screenshots on my flight back to Denver. This screen was taken shortly after the flight departed OKC and the attendant announced it was safe to use approved portable electronic devices.

As you fly, the flight tracker updates with your current location, ground speed and altitude as well as your estimated arrival time, distance remaining and time remaining.

The flight tracker allows you to zoom and pan to explore the map and discover more about cities and destinations Southwest Airlines serves.  You can also view the current weather conditions and forecast for your destination city.

Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker - Weather in Denver

Beautiful weather expected for Denver for the rest of the week

Southwest Airlines - Aspen Travel Guide

Clicking a pin on the map brings up the travel guide for that location

Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker - 157 miles to go

Cruising at 434mph at 35,996 feet with 157 miles to go

For more information about Southwest Airlines In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Portal, visit http://www.southwest.com/wifi/.

Happy flying and safe travels!