Mar 7, 2012

MapQuest Vibe Takes Austin: SXSW, Here We Come!

Jeremy Tanner and Jon McMahon give SXSW Street Team supplies a whirl.

We’re packing up to head to Austin for SXSW later this week.  T-shirts, stickers, a bike to get around on and water bottles to keep us hydrated. Is there anything we’re forgetting?  Oh, it’s going to rain you say?  We’ve also got some splashy new cowboy hats to keep the water out of our eyes.
We’ll be keeping track of what’s going on using (more than 7,000 official and not-so-official events with more posted every day) and checking out the best of Austin on  Are you heading to SXSW?  Download our app to find out where we’ll be throughout the festival — giving away cowboy boots, Austin beer and fantastic BBQ, among other things.

Jeremy Tanner holding some of the SXSW giveaway goodies!