Aug 3, 2012

Map Out the Olympics with MapQuest

They’re here.

My beloved Olympic Games. London has opened its doors and welcomed the world. Television channels have turned on their cameras and invited in our country, primarily me.

These 17 action-packed days provide more than just the glory of athletics for us to bask in, but also entertainment from people like Bob Costas and Al Michaels who tell the stories of heart-warming resilience. The melodic voices and occasionally pointed remarks from these and other commentators only amplify my love for the Games.

That is why, if I were in London, I would start my Olympic tour with my favorite broadcasters and commentators. Unquestionably, the best place to begin the day is at the International Broadcast Centre in the heart of London and the soul of the Games. The sweeping landscapes of London’s countryside are no match for the plush seating arrangements and inviting glass windowpanes of the IBC.

A logical next stop would be the North Greenwich Arena on the bank of the River Thames for gymnastics. While I may need to fashion an eye shield before entering the shockingly pink arena, it will no doubt serve as an experience covered in goose bumps. Gymnastics has always been a passion of mine, and seeing the pinnacle of the sport live would be a fantasy realized.

Next, I’m off to the Aquatics Centre (or Center, for this side of the pond), where I can debate whether I am more entertained by watching swimming or listening to the commentators. If ever there were a dynamic duo, Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines would be it. Not to mention, their perch rests just above the truly world-class pool where Chinese domination in diving continues. Watching them and all of the other world-class athletes compete is an inescapable dose of their dedicated reality—and how much they devote to compete at that level.

Let’s end the tour at Olympic Stadium to watch the world’s fastest men and women run speeds quicker than I am comfortable driving. Since I most likely won’t be able to get to London by Sunday to see if Usain Bolt can win the 100-meter race again, I’ll have to watch from my dark basement. Will I see the daylight for a second Olympics in a row or will the basement be too dark?

Now all I have to do is make my dream Olympic tour come true, which may prove harder than winning a gold medal. Maybe by 2016…