Aug 13, 2013

Plan Travel Faster and Easier With In-Map Hotel Booking

Traveling and exploring new places is a passion of ours at MapQuest. And as any traveler knows, finding the right place to stay during a trip can make all the difference.

Since February, users have been able to book hotels directly on MapQuest. Today we’ve rolled out our first major innovation on that product:  Hotels at Destination. With Hotels at Destination the hotel booking experience is seamlessly integrated into the MapQuest experience.

When you search for a long route, we now suggest hotels at your destination that might interest you:

Hotels on Map - Pin at Destination

When you click to see the hotels, they are now arranged on a map taking into account distance from your destination. You can then sort them by price and popularity:

Hotels on Map

And you can then check out hotel details:

Hotels on Map - Hotel detail


We’re very proud of the new hotel search functionality. We’re continuing to innovate on this product and you will see improvements in the near future.

Let us know what’s important to you in a hotel booking experience in the comments!