Dec 23, 2013

Most Searched: 2013′s Top 10 U.S. Destinations

Here at MapQuest, we’re suckers for a good trip. With so many destinations to choose from the U.S. alone, how do we choose where to go next? 

One way we look for inspiration is by analyzing the search and travel trends of our loyal users. Surely there’s a music venue in Nashville or a deep dish spot in Chicago we haven’t tried yet– all good excuses to hit the road! So, we’ve crunched the numbers, tallied the searches and created our Most Searched List, profiling the top U.S. cities in 2013.

To arrive at our final list, we examined search volume across our desktop and mobile properties, including our newly re-designed iPhone and Android apps. Topping our Most Searched List in 2013: Las Vegas, Nashville and Orlando! While we’ve visited each in the past, our users teach us time and time again that there is always much more to discover, even in the most well-traveled cities.

What will you discover in the most-searched for destinations of 2013?