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  1. Noticed that gas prices are finally going down a bit?  We have too, but it’s still always more expensive than you want it to be when you fill up your full tank.  This is one of the reasons why MapQuest Gas Prices is a tool that will help.

    MapQuest Gas Prices shows you the highest and lowest gas prices, helping you find the cheap stations in your area. You can also search for any fuel type like gasoline, diesel or other alternative fuels like biodiesel, CNG, LPG, etc. Once you search, we’ll give you a list of results sorted by cheapest to most expensive. Alternatively, you could sort the results by alphabetical order or by distance (from your search location).

    MapQuest Gas Prices for Chicago, IL

    The application also includes a Gas Calculator that lets you compute the cost of your trip given your vehicle mileage, the cost of fuel, and the total trip distance. This tool can be extremely helpful if you want to estimate how much you’ll need to allocate for gas when planning a road trip.

    When you use the gas prices site, you’ll notice that it’s tightly linked with the new MapQuest site. So, on your search results, click on any gas station icon on the map and you’ll see links to:

    • Get directions to the gas station
    • Search for any point of interest near the station

    We hope you find this tool to be helpful in managing your fuel expenditure! Stay tuned to the blog for more improvements to MapQuest Gas Prices.

  2. About a month ago we updated Route Planner with some new features and now we have some more updates to announce.  For those of you new to the tool, Route Planner helps you find the most direct route for your trip with multiple destinations.  So if you’ve got a busy day of deliveries or sales appointments planned, we can take your list of destinations and then re-order them to give you the best route.  In other words, no more backtracking!  You can literally save time and money by choosing the ‘Shortest Route’ or ‘Shortest Distance’ option.

    As for the recent updates…the first change you’ll notice is Route Planner’s simplified look and feel to the website featuring the New MapQuest brand and style.

    MapQuest Route Planner

    This update was not just about looks, though. We also now have a new capability under ‘Directions Options’ that allows you to modify your routes after it’s been optimized.  So now you can re-optimize your route as many times as you want.

    Here’s some other useful new features:

    • Increased number of destinations – now you can optimize up to 26 stops!
    • Suggestions from your recent search history as you type addresses
    • Ability to drag & drop stops to reorder your route
    • More options to fine-tune your route, including the Avoid option (Avoid Tolls, Highways, etc)

    In addition, we wanted to remind you that once you optimize your route, you can ‘Send to’ your GPS (yes, this feature is back!), car or phone.

    Since we launched Route Planner in June, we’ve received some great feedback from all of you – we’re so glad that it’s helping so many of you!  Thanks for your continued support – stay tuned to the blog or our Facebook page to know what’s coming next with Route Planner.