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  1. As an engineer for the MapQuest mobile team, I helped create the MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app.  I think it’s safe to say I know it pretty well so I wanted share with you some of the cooler features that you might not know about.

    1. Landscape View For Route Narrative. This is one of the least known features.  Next time you’re using the navigation part of the app – check out the flashcard view of your next maneuver!  Just click “List” and turn the phone longways/horizontal view.  Look, an easy glance look of the next maneuver – SWEET!
    2. Editable Routes. When you have a bunch of errands to do, you probably add numerous locations to your route.  One feature that I love is that you can “Drag and Drop” the order that you want to run the errands.  Sometimes you can pick a circular pattern for a round trip – or pick the errand that’s farthest away first then make it back to your house.  The app has the power and the functionality to be able to support any multiple stop route you want! You can easily edit the order that you want to visit the locations by clicking “Edit” and Dragging the locations into the desired order – then Clicking “Get Driving Directions”.
    3. Walking Directions. When you have a small distance to lunch – and your not sure if you want to walk or drive – MapQuest 4 Mobile can help you out.  We give you the ability to set your walking distance threshold in the Settings -> Directions Settings – Walking Directions Alert.  Just pick the distance that you are willing to walk – and then when your route falls within that – you will get an option to do a walking route.  Of course – you can always create a walking route on the fly if you click the “Edit” button in the Directions tab.
    4. Customizable Map Toolbar. You know the toolbar right under the map?  Ever looked at it and said – “Jeez I wish they had a button for ice cream parlor”?  Well, we do!  Scroll the bar to the left and hit the “plus” sign to see the other categories that are available.  Just touch the icon you want for a second and drag it down into the Toolbar – then you can search for ice cream anytime! (great for the kids or after a date!)
    5. Position Icons. Unless you saw our contest last week, you might not know that you can have a Tornado, Hand Dog, or a Tank represent you on a map! Just click on settings – My Position Icon -> and choose the icon that you want.  If you’re not a fan of what we offer, you can also upload your own picture.

    These are just a couple of tips and tricks that I have found useful in MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone.  If you haven’t checked out the app yet, we hope you do.  Enjoy!

    Landscape View for Route Narrative

    Editable Routes                     Walking Directions

    Customizable Map Toolbar