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  1. Bogged down by expensive gas prices? You can now save time and money on MapQuest by finding the cheapest gas at gas stations near you. In addition to our MapQuest Gas Prices site, gas prices are now conveniently integrated directly into MapQuest makes it easy for you to find and see accurate fuel prices for gas stations near your home, along your commute, or on your next road trip.

    MapQuest’s gas prices are:

    • Highly accurate and most are updated several times per day
    • Easy to find and see while you’re getting a map or driving directions on
    • Available for all major fuel types including alternative fuels
    • A smart way to save money wherever you plan to go
    Gas stations search results with gas price information.

    Select the "Gas" icon from the toolbar to see gas stations and prices along a route or on your current map.

    To find gas prices along a route…

    • Get directions from “Point A” to “Point B” such as “Denver, CO” to “Breckenridge, CO”.
    • Click the “Gas Station” icon in the Toolbar above the map to see the cheapest gas stations along your route.

    To find gas stations on your current MapQuest map…

    • Get a map of any address or place.
    • Click the “Gas Station” icon in the Toolbar above the map to see the cheapest gas stations. within your current map view. Zoom in and zoom out to change the map area and view updated gas stations and prices.

    MapQuest’s gas prices are highly accurate because we update most fuel prices at gas stations nationally up to seven times per day using cost per gallon data from credit card transactions and other sources.  You can select from Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, Diesel, E-85 and Bio-Diesel fuel-type prices in the drop-down menu to filter gas stations and prices based on your personal auto’s needs.

    Gas Prices Dropdown Sample

    To select alternative fuel types, use the Fuel Type drop-down.

    You can even get gas prices on the go with MapQuest’s new Android App!

    Wishing you some convenient gas cost-savings and safe travels this Memorial Day weekend!

  2. AOL’s City’s Best, “best of” program unveiled their new site today at including the best of food, entertainment and lifestyle venues selected by local editors and writers in 25 metro-markets.  Starting today, City’s Best’s  6,000+ local listings are now searchable on MapQuest through our one-box search, and each listing links to a more in depth page about that location.

    AOL’s City’s Best brings another highly relevant source of local content to MapQuest, including places with the best reputation in many popular categories such as Restaurants, Bars, Retail, Movie Theaters,  Hotels, Bakeries, Spas, Pet Shops, Ice Cream Parlors and more. The new City’s Best markets include Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Twin Cities and Washington, DC.

    To easily find City’s Best listings on MapQuest, simply type your “City’s Best” search term in the one-box search field and click “Get Map”. Try search terms such as “City’s Best”, “City’s Best, Denver, CO”, and “City’s Best restaurants in Denver”.  Be sure to click on the “More Info” link for a local write-up by City’s Best editors and writers.

    City's Best Search in NY, NY on

    City’s Best current lists include the top ten venues by category and market based on the expertise of local editors. Starting today, October 13 through November 30, you can cast your vote for your favorite places at The final “Best of”’ winners based on people’s choice will be announced on December 14. We hope you’ll vote for your favorite places!

  3. The MapQuest Toolbar makes it easy for you to search, discover, and get maps and directions anytime directly from your browser. The Toolbar is installed with six MapQuest quick-link buttons including Maps, Directions, Route Planner, Traffic, Gas Prices and Mobile. Then, make it your own by adding your own buttons to your favorite sites.

    It’s easy to customize the MapQuest Toolbar by adding your own buttons to search your favorite sites, check e-mail, scour the news headlines, or check your Facebook wall.  Click the “+Add” button and choose the websites that interest you from our button gallery or create your own buttons with links to any other site that you are passionate about.

    Add a Button

    Give it a try. It’s free and installs in seconds – Download Now!