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  1. We hope you like all the new changes lately at MapQuest. We recently updated the home, Maps, & Directions entry pages with a map and copy/paste forms, added a great new Local feature, and released a free beta version of MapQuest 4 Mobile…and believe it or not, that’s just the beginning.

    With all that’s brewing in our products, it only makes sense that we would update the MapQuest visual identity too!

    You may have noticed some brighter colors, cleaner icons, larger buttons, a more efficient layout, and now, an updated logo. Or, maybe you haven’t — and that’s OK. The visual changes aren’t meant to distract, they’re intended to make your experience simpler and more efficient as we experiment with new innovations.

    Our Research & New Focus

    We spent a lot of time planning, researching and talking to you about how you wanted MapQuest to evolve. We sought input from some of the best in the branding business and put the results of those efforts in front of hundreds of users like you.

    We learned that our brand means a great deal to you. Many users have been with us from the beginning – over 12 years ago. But, as we evolved our product and service offerings so should our logo evolve.

    The New Logo & Design

    The visual updates we’re making reflect this new focus. We explored countless logo options ranging from just the removal of the (in)famous “sparks”, to a complete brand reinvention.

    Because you’ve come to know and recognize our brand and the value it exemplifies (MapQuest is the #11 web domain), we landed on a design that stays true to what you said MapQuest means to you. The colors are sharper, the layout is cleaner and the logo is more vibrant and proud. This logo was redrawn from scratch, to make it fresh while staying familiar and instantly recognizable.

    Mark the Star
    Mark the Star

    We have also given the MapQuest star a more prominent role in our products, representing not only the locations we find for you, but MapQuest’s accuracy and friendly personality. We affectionately refer to it (him) as “Mark the Star,” as in ‘it marks the spot.’

    So, although you’ll see more changes, announcements and features in the coming months, we’re still the MapQuest you have come to know and trust. We’ll continue to innovate and deliver on the promises our brand makes: accurate, trusted, friendly, and easy to use.

    As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.