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  1. It has been a week since we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile in the iPhone App Store, and the application has already racked-up over 180 thousand downloads and a top 20 birth in the “Free” app category (the app currently sits at #12). Users and the press alike are ecstatic about the application-providing a host of accolades and reviews that bear mentioning once again.

    “MapQuest’s new free iPhone app – pretty much a head-on direct competitor to the Google Maps client that ships with the iPhone OS. Definitely worth checking out.” – John Gruber, Daring Fireball

    “MapQuest 4 Mobile is the latest mapping app for the iPhone and iPod touch from MapQuest from AOL. This free iPhone app works as great substitute for the built in Google Maps iPhone app.” —

    “I like that MapQuest has a few tricks up its sleeve that are not in the built-in Maps app. I’ll definitely be keeping it, using it, and finding out whether I prefer it to Maps.” – Patrick Jordan, Just Another iPhone Blog

    So, if you haven’t downloaded the free application, what have you been waiting for? Your iPhone is begging for an alternative to the standard Maps app from Google!

    Click here to get it now.

  2. Webster’s defines evolution as: “…any process of formation or growth”, and “…a product of such development; something evolved”. While “evolution” can mean many things to many people, we at MapQuest® think our newly released MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone™ epitomizes the Webster’s definition.

    After many months of development, we are proud to announce the availability of MapQuest 4 Mobile on the iPhone. Since last September, the MapQuest 4 Mobile mapping and directions product has been available to BlackBerry® Smartphone users as a free application. With the iPhone, our developers saw an opportunity to start from scratch and completely overhaul the MapQuest 4 Mobile experience to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique Multi-touch interface and large screen. The end result is truly the next evolution of maps & directions on the iPhone™, offering a set of unique features that simplify your mobile mapping and directions experience.

    Here are a few of the innovative features:

    1. Save Maps and Routes on and retrieve them on your iPhone using your My Places account. (Get your MapQuest My Places account here)

    2. More useful driving directions featuring an oversized display and landscape mode orientation.

    3. New MapQuest® Place Carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and more with a single tap.

    4. Negotiate difficult turns or sets of turns with the help of orientation arrows when viewing directions in map mode.

    5. Create your own “My Position” icon that represents YOU on the map using the iPhone’s built-in camera or choose from a variety of existing My Position icons.

    6. Easily add multiple points to your route.

    So, if you have an iPhone and are looking for a free, full-featured maps and directions application, now you have a choice! Join the evolution and download MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone today.

    Want more information? Visit:
    If you would like to download the feature screenshots, click here. To see the feature-by-feature YouTube video, click here.

  3. Since last Fall, iPhone users have enjoyed a mobile-Safari optimized The experience provides seamless interaction to many of the features found on such as Directions, Maps, Search, Gas Prices, and Local. Once we finished the initial rollout we went back to work and added MapQuest Local on the iPhone in early January.

    As soon as we launched optimized for iPhone, we immediately started receiving requests from Android users voicing their desire to have the same experience on their beloved Android Smartphone devices.

    Well Android users, we are happy to announce that now supports an optimized experience on all Android devices, with draggable maps available in the Android 1.5 “Cupcake” update.

  4. Maybe you’re like me and fondly recall those classic Sid & Marty Krofft shows like H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters and, of course, Land of the Lost. Remember the rubber-suited Sleestak and the early stop-motion animated dinosaurs? It was so cool! Well, Universal Pictures is bringing Land of the Lost to the big screen this summer, starring Will Ferrell in an adventure full of spectacular sights and super-scaled comedy – and this time, the Sleestak are even scarier and the dinosaurs will eat your face off! Starting today, MapQuest has launched a fun new experience inspired by the film – the MapQuest Land of the Lost Adventure Sweepstakes.

    During the 3 weeks of the adventure you can try out MapQuest features on the special Land of the Lost sweepstakes site and enter for a chance to win great prizes. While you’re there, you can also see movie trailers and exclusive photos. The more you play, the more content is unlocked to view.

    I hope you take a look at our MapQuest Land of the Lost site and enjoy playing the adventures – there’s a new one every other day. So come back often and have fun going back in time and space. Land of the Lost is in theaters June 5th.

    Try out an Adventure!

  5. As a kid, I have fond memories racing around my grandparent’s backyard with my Easter basket in tow-searching those hard-to-find places I knew Grandpa had stashed a few “bogeys”. Occasionally we would find an egg that had been lost in time…hidden away from the animals and elements, for gosh…who knows how long.

    My Grandfather has long since passed, but his legacy of the “hidden bogey” still lives on with my two boys. For the past few years we have organized an impromptu Easter Egg Hunt with friends and neighbors, but we miss the “polish” a more formal hunt provides. Unfortunately, finding a “formal” hunt can be a challenge. Yes, they exist, but we have yet to find a source that lists and maps all of the Easter Egg Hunt’s for a specific area.

    Fortunately, my wishes have been granted. MapQuest just added the ability for you to search local Easter Egg Hunt’s and have them displayed on a MapQuest map! For those of you that haven’t used our new On Map Search Tool for quick-visual listings of Hotels, Parking Garages, Coffee Shops, and Movie Theatre’s, now is your chance. Simply find your desired location on a MapQuest Map, then click the little “Easter Egg” icon (within the scrolling search tool on the right side of the map) to display the Easter Egg Hunt’s in your area. NOTE: My default MapQuest map location was set to my neighborhood, which did not return a set of results. I zoomed out and instantly found a number of Easter Egg Hunt’s within a few miles of our house.

    Once you find a Easter Egg Hunt that fits your needs, simply click the specific, on-map “egg icon” to see the event’s address, website, and phone number to call for event times and details.

    With over 233 listings in over 80 cities across the country, finding that perfect compliment to your Easter Sunday is merely a click away. Just make sure to tell your kids to watch out for Grandpa’s Bogey!
    Happy hunting everyone!

  6. Use The Enhanced MapQuest4Mobile With My Places To View Saved Maps & Directions On Your BlackBerry instead Of Printing.

    The MapQuest4Mobile developer and Quality Assurance teams are going to sleep well tonight! In the last month we’ve been working crazy hours to get the full “My Places” experience on your BlackBerry. So while we head home to regenerate our burned out brain cells, you’ve got some pretty sweet stuff to try out in today’s new version of MapQuest4Mobile. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, or haven’t signed-in to My Places since we released it for mobile last month, take it from the dev team: Now is the time.

    Our goal in this release was to leave our toughest competitor in the dust. The competitor I’m talking about is the “Print” button; you know, the one you use to print out paper directions from, only later to realize you left them in the printer tray in your hurry to get out the door. Well, once you’ve tried the new My Places feature in conjunction with the new MapQuest4Mobile, my teammates and I hope you’ll agree: “Save” is the new “Print.” It’s faster, it’s easier, and it saves trees.

    Here’s how the enhanced My Places feature within MapQuest4Mobile works. If you haven’t already, create a free My Places account on Using the “Map” or “Directions” form, create a destination or route as you normally would, but instead of clicking “Print”, click the “Save” button instead. While your car is warming up or you’re sitting at a light, launch MapQuest4Mobile on your BlackBerry-signing into your My Places account that you created on Next, scroll the top carousel over to the “My Places” icon and click the “Refresh” button. In seconds you’ll have a direct link to the directions or map you just saved back at your home on

    If you saved directions, they show up with the classic “little blue car” icon. If you saved a map–it has the familiar MapQuest “globe” icon, etc. When those icons are clicked, each displays almost anything you saved from the site.

    Here’s my favorite way to use the enhanced My Places feature on MapQuest4Mobile. I made a map of Denver on, selected the “Traffic” option, then saved it to my “My Places” account with the name “Denver Traffic.” Now I can access that same map and have real-time traffic information on my BlackBerry even when I’m at the breakfast table. One click on the “Denver Traffic” link while I’m downing my second bowl of Lucky Charms and I can see just how late I’m going to be to the office!

    To see more information on the new MapQuest4Mobile with MyPlaces feature, click here.

    If you would like to access the free download link from your BlackBerry device, type in your mobile browser.

  7. For the seasoned Midwesterner, traveling to Boston during the winter is a daunting challenge to say the least. I have done my time in the city since I lived there in the early 90′s and have a comfortable ignorance when it comes to driving and parking downtown.

    While the Back-Bay represents a modern side to Boston, the Financial District is full of twists, turns, and one-way’s with hard to maneuver, narrow side streets. If you have been there, then you know what I am talking about. Great city to walk in, but a nightmare to drive and park.

    As most parking garages fill-up before 8am on a typical weekday, I have spent many a time driving to the top of a garage only to find that the last spot has just been filled. Without some type of easy to find parking garage map at my ready, I have had to blindly drive around looking for my next target.

    So here is where MapQuest fits in. With the recent introduction of the new On-Map Search Tool, I can bring up a map of my intended destination, and then click the handy little [P] icon to display all the parking garages within that map’s view. Since I will be driving, I print the map to visually see my options and have at-the-ready.

    Printing my map of Parking Garage locations is one thing, but the cool thing is the ability to save this customized map to my My Places account for future use. While I know Summer will see me back in Boston, it is highly likely that I will forget where I parked and the various options available. A quick login into My Places displays my custom map entitled “Boston Parking Garage, spots downtown“.

    Now, I can blindly file away my troubles finding a parking garage in Beantown and know that in a few months I can return to My Places and once again easily print my map for this Summer’s return visit.

  8. Ok, it’s been a flurry of product launches here at MapQuest the last few weeks and I finally had the chance to stretch my legs a bit while traveling to Chicago this weekend.

    I have been to Chicago several times, but never to see downtown…and it is safe to say that I was a fish out of water. With little time and so many choices of restaurants, I was a completely overwhelmed at where to start my search. It ‘s like that in any new city right? You know there are fantastic places hiding in the bowels of concrete and glass, but where do they exist from your current location?

    As fate would have it, I had my laptop and was near a coffee shop with WIFI. Once settled, I opened, downloading and installing the new MapQuest Toolbar into my browser. The new toolbar not only allows you to easily search Maps, Directions, Gas Prices, and Traffic from your browser anytime, it has a new “Find Me” feature that I was going to put to good use. Using the Skyhook Wireless Loki plugin, “Find Me” was able to approximate my location on my MapQuest map of Chicago.

    Knowing my location in this monster of a city was half the battle, now I needed to see what restaurants were close to me (my flight was leaving in 3 hours). Using the new MapQuest On-Map Search Tool, I was able to click on the restaurant icon (see below) to instantly see tons of restaurants displayed on the map (you can also see gas stations, hotels, and much more). Wow! Just as I suspected, the huge city of concrete and glass was hiding many fantastic restaurants—all within a “stones throw” from my current location.

    After stuffing my face with a Chicago style, deep-dish pizza, I fired-up my laptop once again and checked traffic on I was able to hop a cab and make my flight with time to spare…wondering if I should have enjoyed another slice!

    Thanks MapQuest for making it all so easy.

    If you already have the current MapQuest toolbar, be sure to upgrade to this newer version and enjoy all the great new features of this enhanced version. Or, if you’re new to the Toolbar, try it out and see how helpful it is to have MapQuest with you wherever you surf the web!

    See more details on the toolbar.

  9. Everyone knows MapQuest has always provided directions, but did you know that we also help people find hotels, stores, movie theaters, and other useful points of interest? With this in mind, we’ve added an On-Map Search Tool to our maps to make it even easier to get you where you want to go and find what you need along the way.

    So what’s our On-Map Search Tool all about? It’s an easy-to-use, scrollable toolbar that displays both trustworthy brands as well as top-searched categories such as Restaurants or Hotels right on your map.

    On-Map Search Tool

    Just click on any of the icons in the toolbar to see the locations for that brand or category on your map or route. You can then find the location that works best for you and easily add it to your directions or to your map.

    How could this tool help you? Here’s an example: You and your family are taking a summer road trip and you’re hoping the drive will go as smoothly as possible. Wouldn’t it be great to plan these stops in advance? With the On-Map Search Tool, you can find a hotel or other services along the way, making it easy to determine how to manage the road, time, and your passengers.

    Coffee and Best Westerns

    Check out MapQuest On-Map Search Tool to see how it can help you find everything you need while you’re on the road!

  10. Just in time for Spring Break planning, we have introduced a fantastic new feature to our popular MapQuest 4 Mobile application. Now you can view saved maps and routes stored within your My Places account (formerly My MapQuest) on your BlackBerry Smartphone…right within our MapQuest 4 Mobile product.

    With Spring Break on the horizon, lets say you are taking the family to your favorite Colorado ski resort to ski and snowboard for the week. As it is your first time to this specific resort, you don’t exactly have a good idea where to eat, find your hotel and make the Gondola run by 9am.

    In planning for this trip, you’d probably plan out your directions for the various places you’re going on and print them out to review on the way (assuming you don’t lose them along the way or leave them on the dresser at home!).

    While this scenario is the tried and true way MapQuest has helped people over the years, it relies heavily on the fact that you carry the printed directions with you at all points throughout the trip.

    Let’s rewind a bit and assume you have a BlackBerry Smartphone and have created a My Places account on Those maps and routes you created above? Well, instead of printing them, you saved them to your My Places account with all the details you need for eating, skiing, and sleeping during your vacation. Now, let’s also assume that you have downloaded the new MapQuest 4 Mobile application with the new My Places feature to your trusty BlackBerry. As you are the consummate planner, you fire-up your phone, launch the MapQuest 4 Mobile application and login to your My Places account to find the maps you saved earlier—right where they should be!

    mq4m my places

    With your trusty maps and locations always in your hand, you scurry-off to your snow filled destination ready for such questions as, “Where is the restaurant from our hotel?”, “How do we get from our hotel to the gondola?” And should you find something new along the way, you can easily save that location to a map within the MapQuest 4 Mobile application— ready for next year’s return visit!

    To download the MapQuest 4 Mobile application, visit m.mq4m on your BlackBerry today! Or for more information go to Don’t have a My Places account on Click here to sign-up and start saving your maps and routes for your next big (or small) trip.