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  1. Just in time for Opening Day, MapQuest and announced an official partnership delivering MapQuest-powered mapping and directions through an exclusive app-to-app experience within the “ At the Ballpark” smartphone app, as well as integrated into and all 30 MLB team websites.

    The MapQuest integration into the “ At the Ballpark” app and responsive, mobile-optimized sites now make it easier for fans to find their way to games throughout the 2014 season.  As part of the official partnership, MapQuest created custom-branded MLB team experiences, available within its iOS and Android apps and developed original MLB content to enhance local experiences. MapQuest and are also co-creating an original video series for MLB fans and MapQuest users alike, expected to debut in May 2014.

  + MapQuest Integrations

    MapQuest traffic-influenced rerouting accommodates for game-day traffic to get game-goers there for the first pitch.  Available today, and MapQuest’s integrations include:

    MapQuest for iOS and Android Apps:  Super fans can customize their free MapQuest apps by upgrading to a premium team experience for $1.99:

    *   Team Colors and Map Icons: Customized with team’s colors and four logo options

    *   Baseball-themed Progress Bar: Customized industry-first ETAstatus bar with a baseball icon

    *   Field Wallpaper: Background menu image

    *   Team Start Screen: Team loading screen (Android Only)

   Optimized experience for mobile with MapQuest-powered mapping and desktop-to-mobile directions from the “At the Ballpark iOS and Android apps.


    Put some mustard on that app and download your favorite team’s experience.  And if you can’t decide where your loyalty stands, we’ve got 29 more team options to choose from.  Though we’re not taking sides, we do hope our Blake Street Neighbors make a run for Rocktober.

    Click here if your mascot is of the domestic type.

  2. MapQuest Summer Travel Infographic 2012

    MapQuest Summer Travel Infographic 2012

    Sure, MapQuest has long-since been known as the road warrior’s travel companion, offering accurate maps and directions to hurried, adventurous and seasonal travelers.  But we happen to know you want more from this relationship.  In fact, we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know just what you’re searching for this summer with our latest infographic.

    For instance, we know a lot of you love national parks, so we created as a completely devoted resource for information on the 58 U.S. national parks.  Many of you visit these iconic destinations for overnight trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and even more of you stop at them along the way — called via points — the most popular being Yellowstone.

    If you’re not planning on taking a trip across the country, MapQuest can also help you plan a backyard escape that takes only an afternoon. Last summer, we helped more than nine million people find a nearby place to get ice cream.  What more could you want in the summer than easy-to-follow directions to a sundae?

    While we can’t lower the high gas prices, we can tell you where the least expensive places to fuel up are. shares where to find the cheapest gas near you; so, if you do go to the Grand Canyon, you can make the trip there even easier by finding the least expensive gas stations and prices along the way.

    Take a look at our Summer Travel infographic for more surprising stats and popular destinations, so you can get more out of the summer season.  Because after all, life’s about the journey, right?

  3. Trying to get somewhere this summer?   Download the updated MapQuest smartphone apps, where our free iPhone and Android offerings are now powered with TomTom maps.  As the world’s leading supplier of in-car location and navigation products and services, TomTom provides coverage for more than 7.5 million miles of roads across North America.  That’s like going to the moon and back about 16 times.  That’s like traveling the length of the Great Wall of China over 1,300 times.  That’s like running well over a quarter of a million marathons.  Basically, it’s a lot of mapped miles any way you look at it.

    With MapQuest and TomTom maps, you could drive virtually anywhere there’s a road in the United States with our app as your travel companion.  (No need to panic if you forget to print off directions before leaving your house.)  Whether you’re driving across the county or across the continent this summer, there’s never been a better time to ask for directions…just ask us.

    Where are you heading this summer?  Tell us on Facebook.

  4. As you may have read in our National Parks post, we here at MapQuest are an active bunch.  We love the outdoors.  We keep busy with hikes and bikes and exploring our neighborhoods.  And because of this, we also know the value of a good pair of shoes or, conversely, we know what we love to do would be so hard to do shoeless.   Today is the TOMS “One Day Without Shoes.”   It’s one, big national pledge to go barefoot and raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

    You can help MapQuest and AOL reach the goal of spreading the One Day Without Shoes message to 1,000,000 people by taking one (or more) of the following actions:

    To thank those who are getting footloose, AOL will be awarding 100 $50 TOMS gift cards to random winners.  See official rules here.

    We hope by taking off our own, you’ll do the same!

  5. MapQuest Vibe kicks off the “Colorado Ranch” in Austin today with an exclusive hangout for industry influencers during SXSW Interactive.  Along with Forkly, Flixmaster, Roximity and Napkin Labs – all fellow, innovative Colorado tech companies – the Ranch welcomes hundreds of tech-heads looking to plug in, recharge, and take in Austin’s BBQ, beer and local bands. MapQuest Vibe provides a “shortcut to becoming a local” to all Austinites and SXSWers by highlighting top activities, restaurants and neighborhoods in the Austin area.  Actually, mqVibe provides this great neighborhood context in 50,000 neighborhoods and 30,000 cities, but we just thought we’d do something special in Austin this week.  Have you tried the mqVibe iPhone app?

    mqVibe at SXSW

    Colorado Ranch at SXSW mqVibe Team Enjoying Austin BBQ, beer and bands

    Colorado Ranch House Music

    Colorado Ranch House - Austin Band

  6. Jeremy Tanner and Jon McMahon give SXSW Street Team supplies a whirl.

    We’re packing up to head to Austin for SXSW later this week.  T-shirts, stickers, a bike to get around on and water bottles to keep us hydrated. Is there anything we’re forgetting?  Oh, it’s going to rain you say?  We’ve also got some splashy new cowboy hats to keep the water out of our eyes.
    We’ll be keeping track of what’s going on using (more than 7,000 official and not-so-official events with more posted every day) and checking out the best of Austin on  Are you heading to SXSW?  Download our app to find out where we’ll be throughout the festival — giving away cowboy boots, Austin beer and fantastic BBQ, among other things.

    Jeremy Tanner holding some of the SXSW giveaway goodies!

  7. Biking, hiking, running – no matter your sport, summer is the time to take advantage!  With today’s average gym membership setting you back at least $50 a month and even as much as $150 in cities like New York, why not take advantage of nature’s free gym and bring your fitness routine outdoors?

    MapQuest offers more than driving directions, with several free features that double up as workout tools to meet the need to mix it up!  The features below offer great ideas to keep a workout fresh by mapping out new routes before you plan the next walk, run, hike or bike.

    • MapQuest app: Available on the iPhone and Android, this free app includes voice-guided, turn-by-turn walking directions, as well as a voice search option.
    • Hit the pavement or dirt: “Pedestrian Mode” directions guide you down the most efficient paths and through parks, often avoiding vehicular traffic. To use the feature, visit and click “get directions,” select the “walking man” icon and enter your start and finish destinations. Plan ahead, lather up with sunscreen and drink plenty of liquids!

    From city cruising to mountain biking: Available on MapQuest’s Open Street Map, options allow you to choose paved streets or trails and paths, as well as the ability to challenge yourself with a “favor uphill” route or the leisurely “avoid uphill” setting.  Biking routes favor bike-specific paths, walkways and roads where the max speed is less than 30 mph.  The 27 country-specific open sites are available in 14 language options.  Don’t forget your helmet!

  8. Apr 26, 2011

    Oh, What a Night!

    MapQuest 15th Anniversary Celebration

    (Photo by Chris Schneider)

    MapQuest blew out its birthday candles last night to celebrate the big 15!  We celebrated in style with a party to christen our new office headquarters in lower downtown Denver.  Some of our closest friends came by to help celebrate with more than 250 guests stopping by to share some birthday love with us!

    We kicked things off with remarks from key AOL executives including Jon Brod, president of AOL Ventures and chief operating officer of the Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief Huffington Post Media Group, and Denver Mayor Bill Vidal.  Other speakers at the event included Kelly Brough, Denver Chamber of Commerce, Tami Door, Downtown Denver Partnership and Richard Scharf of VISIT DENVER.

    As part of the 15th anniversary milestone and celebration, we debuted our new office.  Our 17,000-square-foot space combines raw materials with a contemporary design to deliver a start-up feeling.  There are no actual offices, encouraging real-time dialogue, problem-solving and creativity. IA Interior Architects did an amazing job, helping to bring our new identity to life within the walls. Stay tuned later this week for more photos and information about our new space.

    If you’d like to hear more, head to our Flickr gallery for more photos of the party or watch the video recap of the press conference.

  9. MapQuest celebrates its 15th Anniversary with our street team in Denver, CO

    MapQuest Street Team in Denver, CO

    MapQuest hit the streets over lunch today along downtown Denver’s 16th Street pedestrian mall to celebrate its 15th anniversary.  Our street team, outfitted in MapQuest gear, spread good cheer and provided a free service to people in need of directions.  Of course, we were also dishing out free MapQuest giveaways from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  The anniversary celebrations continued downtown in LoDo (Lower Downtown) in MapQuest’s new headquarter office.  Earlier this morning, we stopped by Denver media offices  to share some “Questi Cakes,” the preferred breakfast of MapQuest employees.  Crews took a break and enjoyed some the treats from local bakery/dessert shop, Happy Cakes.

    MapQuest visits Fox News in Denver, CO to celebrate its 15th anniversary

    MapQuest visits Fox News for its 15th anniversary

    Tonight more than 240 guests will arrive at MapQuest’s new headquarters for an event including a press conference with AOL’s Huffington Media Post Group key executives Arianna Huffington and Jon Brod.  Joining them will be some of Denver’s key business elite and local influencers including Denver Mayor Bill Vidal.   Following the press conference, guests will able to explore the new space, network and relax with a MapQuest branded beverage.

    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to get real-time updates and photos of this week’s festivities and more!

  10. MapQuest, helps drivers find the lowest prices on gas in their hometowns, near the office or just out for errands.  According to INRIX, drivers are experiencing an average 10 percent increase in travel times*, news that comes on the heels of the U.S. Energy Department’s projection for continued increase in gas prices through the spring and summer**.  MapQuest helps drivers keep an eye on fuel costs and the lowest gas prices within a searched area with tools found at

    Find the Lowest Prices on Gas
    MapQuest’s gas pricing tool is quick and easy to use.  At, simply select a city and state or type in a zip code to find the lowest-priced gas in that area.  Additional specifications can be made such as alternative fuel stations or different fuel grades, as well as sorting stations by distance or price.  To use the gas consumption calculator at the top of the map, drivers must enter their total trip distance, miles per gallon, and the cost per gallon.

    Additional tools on may help consumers plan more effectively with replacement options, including:

    • Alternate Routes: This tool offers between three and five alternative route options that may provide a more efficient route or that may lead drivers by gas stations offering lower prices.
    • Map Toolbar:  Perhaps a lunch-break trip to the convenience store may save the gas it would take to drive there on the way home.  The business locator, found on the map toolbar, pinpoints businesses in the searched area pertaining to a specific need or interest.
    • Pedestrian Routing:  Running those errands can be even easier with simple pedestrian directions from MapQuest.  The new nationwide pedestrian mode allows walking travelers to be routed down one-way streets, pedestrian malls, through parks and along designated paths.
    • Transit Routing: Additionally, a new rail transit option links the pedestrian mode with public rail transportation routing in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston, reaching roughly 90 percent of the nation’s rail ridership.***

    *Fourth Annual INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, March 8, 2011

    **U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Energy Information Administration, March 9, 2011

    ***American Public Transportation Association