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  1. MapQuest Play-by-Play Football DirectionsMapQuest opens its football playbook this year with ‘Play-by-Play’ directions to your Big Game celebrations.  Whether you’re bellying up at your favorite sports bar or waist-deep in wings in your best buddy’s mancave, drop these directions into the invitation to make sure your team shows up on time.

    To turn on Play-by-Play directions, click on the flag drop-down menu in the upper-right-hand corner and select the football with a green background.  Then, get your directions like you normally would — on the far left underneath the MapQuest logo. Don’t forget to show your true colors, just like Questi, seen here rocking some serious spirit with a home team (MapQuest, that is) football helmet.

    Finally, type in your kickoff (start) and (end) zone locations, and let Play-by-Play bring you straight to the posts.

    MapQuest Play-by-Play Football Directions Drop-down Menu

    For those who don’t yet have plans, MapQuest’s “My Maps” feature City’s Best recommendations in the nation’s top cities including: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas / Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, the Twin Cities and Washington D.C. .  Find everything from Big Game beer selection to athletic-sized appetizers.

  2. At a CES 2011 keynote, Ford announced its electric vehicle, as well as our partnership with them on the new MyFord Mobile app, which will allow Focus Electric drivers to make safe and smart-trip planning decisions. Using the features powered by MapQuest, drivers of the new vehicles will be able to:

    • Locate charging stations and get the destination sent to the vehicle
    • Know if the vehicle can reach a specific charge station with the current charge level, and if not, it will make recommendations on how to drive more efficiently to get there
    • Create a journey or itinerary with multiple stops — and be informed of the likelihood the car has adequate charge for the full trip
    • Find the car by creating a route from a mobile phone to the vehicle.

    Service is expected in conjunction with Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) launch in late 2011.

    The MyFord Mobile app uses MapQuest to find charging stations.  (Credit: Ford)

  3. We don’t have David Letterman on staff at MapQuest or an office house band, but with a December of daily giveaways, we’ve definitely been thinking of the top 10 ways we would use free gas for a year. Our ideas may not make the list of most PRACTICAL ways to travel 12,000 miles (average miles driven annually), but they do a good job of showing just how far free gas for a year can go!

    10. Tired of your friend with the Toyota Prius telling you how much they save on gas every year? Turn the tables and have you behind the wheel by winning free gas for a year.

    9. There is a 50 percent chance you live within 50 miles of where you grew up. Dust off those childhood memories by driving back to where you grew up … some 240 times next year.

    8. Stressed about driving that gas-guzzling SUV to the mountains for a day of skiing? Drive worry-free from San Francisco to Tahoe 60 times.

    7. You’re never too old for Disney World®. Take a road trip with your friends or family across the southern U.S., driving from Disneyland® (Calif.) to Disney World (Fla.) nearly six times. High-fiving Mickey has never been this easy.

    6. No amount of gas can send you back in time unless you mean reliving the ‘60s and ‘70s by driving from Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco to the phoenix of CBGB in New York City, twice in 2011. Rock on!

    5. From Yellowstone to Acadia, the U.S. proudly protects 58 national parks. Spend your year of free gas driving to see them all.

    4. Road Trip of Dreams. Start at the famous 1988 Hollywood movie site of Field of Dreams and travel to the five most popular baseball stadiums: Fenway, Yankee, Target, Wrigley and Camden Yards. Wasn’t enough the first time? If you win free gas, you can go five more!

    3. On average, houses in the U.S. are 20 feet apart. This means you could drive from your garage to your neighbor’s 3 million times or, for those weekend warriors, maybe use the trips to the home-improvement store instead.

    2. The farthest distance between two McDonald’s restaurants in the contiguous 48 states is 145 driving miles. With 12,000 miles of free gas you could drive between the two more than 80 times.  McRib® is calling!

    1. A mailman walks more than six miles daily and the average UPS® truck driver covers 500 miles a day.  Help your local delivery people carpool when delivering holiday packages for the rest of the year! That is a ton of mail.  Literally.

    Do you have a way you can use free gas for a year? Share it with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #FreeGas.

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