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  1. Our goal is simple: to make MapQuest the best place to work in the world. With this in mind, our amazingly talented team held the First MapQuest Culture Hack Day yesterday where we stopped our day-to-day work, and transformed into culture hackers dedicated to improving the quality of our MapQuest life.

    What is culture hacking you might ask?  Here’s just a sampling of what we accomplished:

    • Built a MapQuest branded beer-bike – which will hold a full keg, seating and a counter top bar.
    • Crafted a new tiki-bar for the Denver office – made from a real 30 foot boat.
    • Installed a new doorbell system in our Lancaster office to notify the team when someone arrives.
    • Completely revamped the MapQuest new employee on-boarding process (including a website).
    • Created a foozball scoring system and ping pong scoring system to keep track of scores – with a fully functioning iPhone app.
    • Beautifying our patios in Lancaster, Dulles and Denver

    #MapQuestCultureHack was officially a success. Cheers to making a great place to work even better!

    p.s. Sound like a place you want to work?  Good news,  we’re hiring.

  2. In case you hadn’t heard, you can now book hotels, flights and rental cars right from, making it incredibly easy to get directions and book travel all from one place!  To show you how easy it is, we’re giving away one trip per day for the next 30 days.  Yes, that’s 30 trips in 30 days.  How do you enter?  Just book travel on MapQuest and that’s it!  Plus, you can get 3 more chances to win just by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest after you book.

    Road trippers, business travelers, weekend warriors – you’re booking travel already, why not book on MapQuest and see if your trip will be paid for?  Just like other travel sites, you can search, compare and book hotel rooms at thousands of chain and independent hotels around the world, including hotel specials like instant discounts, free breakfast, and more.  You’ll also have access to thousands of rental cars worldwide and airline tickets with almost all major airlines.

    The only question remaining now is what you would do with all that extra cash…another vacation perhaps?  ;-)

    *No purchase necessary.  Reimbursement up to $5,000.  See Official Rules to learn how to enter without a purchase.



  3. Just last week, we announced MapQuest Discover, our new photo-rich site that inspires afternoon, weekend and weeklong adventures. To celebrate, we also launched the MapQuest Discover Never Bored Sweepstakes. Yes, that’s right – Never Bored. No matter if you’re desktop daydreaming or actually planning a trip, Discover helps with all of that and more.

    So, how does this relate to the sweepstakes? Well, we want to make all of this inspiration a reality. How does a trip to Key West, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Vail, CO or San Diego, CA sound? Or 700+ instant win travel-related prizes (digital cameras, luggage, gas cards, etc)?

    Enter every day between now and December 20. Remember to come back daily and share with friends as you can get a total of 190 entries to win your dream trip (not to mention one of the great instant wins). Less than a week into it, we’ve already given away more than 116 prizes!

    We hope the MapQuest Discover Never Bored Sweepstakes inspires YOU and your next adventure. Good luck!

  4. If you happen to be one of the lucky folk who have Monday, Oct. 8, off in celebration of the explorer, Christopher Columbus, chances are MapQuest’s walking directions can help expedite your agenda. Better yet, our free navigation apps even offer spoken turn-by-turn maneuvering so you can choose the most efficient paths through parks and one-way streets.

    Have the MapQuest app on iPhone or Android? Just click on “Directions,” enter your start and end locations, then click the “walking man” icon. MapQuest Mary talks you through each of your stops, and you can always use the business locator to grab a quick coffee or stop at a post office along the way. We’re here to help you with discovery along the way as well.

    If you don’t have the app yet, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play. Or, if you don’t have a smartphone, walking directions are also available on while you’re on the go or before you head out the door.

    Hope you take advantage of the Christopher Columbus Day, and like the “real deal,” get exploring!

  5. MapQuest Logo
    We’ve got some really exciting things coming up, and the start of our journey begins today on! Our new logos will help you easily navigate the many MapQuest tools that you’ve come to love. Though we’ve long been known for our maps and directions, we wanted to make it easier for you to access additional trip-planning tools to make everything from grocery-getting to going off the grid faster, better and more enjoyable. You can check out the new logos on all of our sites, including, MapQuest Gas Prices, MapQuest Route Planner, MapQuest Developers, and more. It’s even on the blog (look up!) :-).

    As part of this effort, MapQuest Vibe will be rebranded as MapQuest Local, still offering Vibe rankings and scores, voting, rich neighborhood information and the complete local experience you’ve grown to love. You’ll see the new logos across the MapQuest products – from our websites to our free apps.

    Watch for more exciting news soon. In the meantime, keep travelin’.

  6. Who doesn’t love free? Yes F-R-E-E. MapQuest is known for its accurate geocoding and flexible routing APIs but did you know that developers and businesses can get unlimited free MapQuest maps? With MapQuest Community Edition you can build both online and mobile apps and get access to highly accurate maps for free (there’s that F word again) with no usage limits for maps (check out our licensing chart for details). The combo of free maps built on commercial data and no usage limits for maps makes us different. Different in a good way, we think.

    Check out our Developer Network today to sign up for a Community Edition license, get access to technical information, blog posts, forums and more.

    We also offer our MapQuest Enterprise Edition for businesses that are looking for technical support, a service level agreement, geocoding only licenses and a whole bunch of other benefits. Call us (888-627-7837) or fill out our online form and one of our mapping gurus will reach out to discuss what might work best for you and your business. If you’re not sure whether Community or Enterprise is the best option for you, you can check out our Ts&Cs or just reach out to us and we can help you work thru that too.

    p.s. Seriously, if you don’t love free, tweet hashtag #MapQuestTech – we’ll send the first 50 of you a free t-shirt to convince you.

  7. MapQuest Sweepstakes - Win a Vespa Scooter!Late last week, we announced the launch of MapQuest Vibe, a new site that’s all about helping you find the best neighborhoods and the most popular restaurants, shopping, and spas within them.  What could make this announcement even better? Why, free stuff, of course! So, we’re giving away the ultimate neighborhood vehicles: Vespa scooters, cruiser bikes and longboards.

    Just go to to enter.  It’s a 42-day sweepstakes with a new winner every day so come back daily.  We’re announcing the daily winners on the sweeps site, so keep a look out for your name!  Chris D. of Denver was our first winner – I can only assume he’s already having sweet dreams of riding his new Vespa through all the Mile High neighborhoods.

    Here’s a hint: You can earn up to 24 extra entries per day (yes, that’s more than 1,000 extra entries in total).  After you enter, just look for the 2 options: click to go to (it’s that easy) or share with friends so they can enter, too.

    So, what neighborhoods would you explore on your new ride?

  8. According to BlogPulse, there are now 163MM public blogs in existence, with 67K started in just the past 24 hours. That’s a lot of people with a lot of things to say. We’re at BlogWorld for the next few days talking with many of these folks about where the industry is now and where it’s headed.

    If you’re planning to attend BlogWorld as well, we’d love to see you. Just stop by our booth (#503). We’ll have a free t-shirt for you (while supplies last of course) and you’ll also have the chance to take a quick poll to enter to win a $500 VISA® Gift Card. The poll is meant to educate us – we want to know exactly what map and location-based services bloggers and publishers are truly looking for. We have some great tools available now for bloggers, publishers and more – check them out on our MapQuest tools site – but we want to continue to better these and also create new products. As an example, you can see a great use of our most recent tool, MapQuest Map Builder BETA, on AOL’s Monster Help Day website or see the embedded map below.

    If you’re not attending the conference, we still want to hear your feedback. If you contribute to the blogosphere or editorial realm in anyway, take our poll now and you’ll have the chance to win too!

    To get updates live from the show, follow us on @MapQuestTech.

  9. We’re in the business of helping people.  Period. That’s actually the first of six core values for AOL and we take it pretty seriously.  Today marks our 2nd annual AOL Monster Help Day, a company-wide day of service for all employees worldwide.  Nashville will be volunteering at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Chicago’s headed to the Ronald McDonald House and Dublin is off to the Turvey Nature Reserve.  If you want to see where all of the AOL offices are volunteering, check out AOL’s Monster Help Day site for a map, the volunteer organizations and live tweets!

    MapQuest actually dedicates several days a year to contributing back to our local communities. For this year’s Monster Help Day, we’ve teamed up with Denver Mayor Guillermo (Bill) V. Vidal and the Mile High Million to plant 40 trees in downtown Denver.  He’s even proclaimed today, “AOL Monster Help Day”!  In Lancaster, we’ll be headed outdoors as well, cleaning up trails and planting flowers for Lancaster County Department of Parks and Rec.  We’re psyched to get our hands dirty (literally – have you seen the weather predictions?) and give back to our local community!  Stay tuned to our Flickr gallery for pictures of the event!

  10. T-shirt Tuesday at MapQuestIf you’ve ever visited a MapQuest office, you know you’re guaranteed to see several funny, hipster-iffic, quirky T-shirts on any given day.  We took this as an inspiration and decided to make it official:  Every Tuesday at the MapQuest offices is now T-shirt Tuesday.  We’re breaking out our Three Wolf Moon shirts, Threadless shirts, thrift store treasures, old and crazy freebies, and anything else we get a kick out of.  Check out our Facebook page or our Flickr gallery to see some examples of some of the quality tees we sported this week and stay tuned as we add more in the upcoming weeks.  Got your own sweet tee?  Share it with us on Facebook!