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  1. Great news!  The MapQuest iOS Maps API is officially out of beta!  Today marks the first production release of the MapQuest iOS Maps API, which allows developers to build iPhone and iPad apps that incorporate the flexible routing, accurate geocoding, and unlimited free base maps that MapQuest is known for. The MapQuest iOS Maps API essentially takes the default iOS mapping tools a step – or a few steps – farther, by offering new features like integrated driving directions and the ability to choose between licensed MapQuest and MapQuest-OSM data and map tiles, both of which are not available in the default iOS mapping toolkit.

    We understand that not everyone is interested in the technical details, so we’ve posted those on the MapQuest Developer Blog. If you are an iOS developer, all you need to do is sign up for an app key on the MapQuest Developer Network, download the toolkit, and incorporate it into your iOS project. It’s that easy!

    If you are not a developer, or wondering why this release is important to you, rest assured that this announcement is good news for you, too! Think about the iPhone and iPad apps that you regularly use. How many of those apps include maps or some type of geographic component? Because the MapQuest iOS Maps API is out of beta and now ready for developers to use, you can expect to see an increasing number of apps that incorporate the power of the MapQuest platform. It’s a win-win, both for developers and consumers.

    If you have questions about this release, feel free to check out the MapQuest iOS Maps API Forum or tweet us at @MapQuestTech!