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    Did you know you could customize your map icon in our iPhone and Android apps? The map icon marks your position on the map and while the default is a basic blue dot, we offer 25 other icons to help you add a little pizzaz to your MapQuest app, free! In the most recent update, we’ve added cat and dog icons to the mix, paying homage to fido and our feline companions. Show your furry friends a little love and customize your map icon! Here’s how:

    1. Open your MapQuest app for iPhone or Android. Need the app? Click here.
    2. Click the menu icon, then click “Settings”
    3. Click “My theme” or “My Position Icon” and choose your map icon

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  2. Let’s be honest. Getting places on time is stressful. Being late can have many consequences, so it’s no wonder some of the most used and discussed features across all of MapQuest are our ETA-based solutions. We estimate your arrival time based on your specific route, traffic, and other road conditions to help you better plan for what’s ahead. Since millions rely on these estimates to navigate and plan their trips of all types, we take this pretty seriously. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve and we take pride in giving all the information needed to make a cool, calm, on-time arrival.

    When re-designing our mobile navigation apps last November, we kept ETA top of mind and launched an industry-first ETA status bar in our iPhone and Android apps. Today, we are excited to announce some significant improvements in how we calculate ETA in our iPhone app and, soon, our Android app. ETA is now more responsive to traffic conditions than ever before and, in combination with our automatic traffic re-routing feature, you can impress your friends, family, and boss with your punctuality and effortless navigation style.

    While others are sweating it out in standstill traffic, know that your navigation app is giving you the most desirable route and ETA. Haven’t tried the new MapQuest app for iPhone and Android? Get it today.


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  3. Cup holders. When it comes to your vehicle, your cup holders aren’t just for keeping your beverage snug and secure around sharp turns and bumps in the road. They hold loose change, lip balm, rubber bands and even our cell phones. This got us thinking—why don’t most mobile applications display properly when your phone is upside down, charging in the cup holder?

    Introducing, “Upside-Down” mode! The latest feature in our new, made for iOS 7 navigation app is designed to help you get to your favorite places while your iPhone re-charges in it’s usual upside down position, cozy in the cup holder. Now you can see your next turn and the traffic ahead no matter which angle your phone rests at. Nice.

    Get the iPhone app today or update yours to the latest version (4.0.5) to get “Upside-Down” mode!

  4. Here at MapQuest, we’re suckers for a good trip. With so many destinations to choose from the U.S. alone, how do we choose where to go next? 

    One way we look for inspiration is by analyzing the search and travel trends of our loyal users. Surely there’s a music venue in Nashville or a deep dish spot in Chicago we haven’t tried yet– all good excuses to hit the road! So, we’ve crunched the numbers, tallied the searches and created our Most Searched List, profiling the top U.S. cities in 2013.

    To arrive at our final list, we examined search volume across our desktop and mobile properties, including our newly re-designed iPhone and Android apps. Topping our Most Searched List in 2013: Las Vegas, Nashville and Orlando! While we’ve visited each in the past, our users teach us time and time again that there is always much more to discover, even in the most well-traveled cities.

    What will you discover in the most-searched for destinations of 2013?

  5. Voice Guided, Turn-by-Turn Directions Just Got A Facelift

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our beautifully redesigned mobile navigation app (iPhone/Android). Our product and engineering teams went back to the drawing board and have completely re-imagined our flagship mobile app from the ground up. Launching today, our new MapQuest mobile app offers a personalized navigation experience that’s both easy-to-use and safe for everyday drivers. We’re so proud to present an app that better connects drivers to routes that shape their everyday lives. But this app is just more than a handy navigation app with cool features – it also represents a new era for MapQuest. We’re bigger, better, savvier and more responsive than ever.


    The new MapQuest navigation app is available for iOS7 and Android and offers several new features, including:

    • High-resolution vector maps- Our beautifully designed maps offer improved quality and resolution, enhanced zoom features and beautiful new cartography.
    • New interactive map layers and customizable category buttons – These features make finding nearby business and popular locations quick and easy.
    • An industry first ETA status bar – This status bar informs users of time and distance to their destination, as well as anticipated in-route traffic.
    • Advanced navigation features - These include voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic re-routing.
    • One-click point of interest and location sharing - Send your location or destination out via social media, SMS or email.

    Get it now! Our new app is available FREE in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download, start it up and set off for adventure! We can’t wait to hear how it’s working for you.

    For more information about the features of our new app, visit here. For media inquiries, please get in touch here.