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  1. MapQuest is pleased to announce the general release of OnStar eNav, an online destination planning service that allows OnStar subscribers to send locations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their OnStar vehicle. In the weeks leading up to launch, we’ve had all kinds of folks taking eNav out for a ‘test drive’. One of our Product guys, Marshall, sent us a note about his experience, and it sounded so good I decided to share it with the MapQuest Blog:

    Send destinations from MapQuest to OnStar eNav

    “Friday night at 6:30pm, I used the Send To OnStar server and added a Chili’s Restaurant, a soccer field, and my home to my OnStar address book using the Send To OnStar anchors on the MQ pages.

    I hopped in the car, connected to Virtual Advisor and asked for Chili’s… the directions were downloaded quickly and the route was perfect! After a Coke (hahaha), I then asked for “Soccer” (which I had used as the label for Amos Herr Park) and again the system worked flawlessly, including using a shortcut that I know! Finally, the wife and I swapped cars and I showed her how to use the system… she asked for “Home” and, once again, the system performed perfectly!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Our car doesn’t have a nav system – but it did come with OnStar and thru the radio and the eNav service, and it’s almost as good as the $3000 Nav system option!”

    Thanks for the great feedback, Marshall! To check out more details about OnStar eNav from MapQuest, check out the Send to OnStar page.

  2. We gave you a teaser about a week ago, and now for the millions of Garmin Personal Navigation Device users out there, you can plan on MapQuest and send trip planning results directly to your Garmin GPS unit. The service went live April 10 and it adds to the great ‘Send To’ features including Send to Cell, Send to Email and soon to come: Send to OnStar.

    Remember you just choose the Send to GPS feature in the ‘Send’ pull down in the upper left of your maps or directions page.

    pop up sample

    You’ll be able to send your route or trip planning results to one of many compatible Garmin devices.

    screen shots

    To see if you have a compatible Garmin device and to download the Garmin Communicator plug-in, check out all the details on our Send Maps and Directions to GPS feature page.

    Try out this new handy feature!

  3. If you’re a gadget geek like me, you probably love Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs, for those in the business). Having a GPS in your car is like having your buddy that knows where everything is, and can tell you which exit to take in order to get around the evening rush hour. But searching for an address on a 4 inch screen as you’re cooking down the interstate at 60 mph isn’t exactly “safe”. So, we made it easy for you to plan on, from the comfort of your home computer.

    Send to GPS

    Introducing our new “Send to GPS” web feature: coming in April, we’ll be adding a simple drop-down link to our search results pages that allow you to download destinations or itineraries to your Garmin GPS device, and take them with you on the road. We’ve teamed up with Garmin Ltd., one of the best-known brands in navigation, to sync up the 16 million points of interests on to dozens of their most popular devices.

    Even though you’ve traded your printer for a GPS gadget to help you find places, you can still rely on MapQuest to make your travels safer and more convenient. To check compatible Garmin devices and to download the Garmin Communicator plug-in, check out all the details on our Send to GPS feature page.

    Happy travels.

  4. If you’re like most MapQuest users, you don’t just come to MapQuest once or twice a month – you get maps and directions on an ongoing basis. With our new MapQuest Toolbar you can have easy access to the most useful MapQuest features right on your browser at all times.
    Traffic Sample

    The Toolbar has one-click quick links to Maps, Directions and a Web search capability. But perhaps one of the most convenient features is the quick link to our new Real Time Traffic feature.

    Traffic on Toolbar

    Just choose one of more than 80 cities across the US and you’ll quickly click to real time traffic in your area at any time. Check it before you leave for work or before an important appointment. You’ll now be able to see congestion before you hop on a highway and choose an alternative route.

    You probably already have one or maybe more toolbars on your browser but do you use all the features they bring? Use a Toolbar where you know you’ll get the most use out of the handy features it provides right at your fingertips.

    Try out the Toolbar now!