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  1. Good news for those of you who have websites through the company recently added a MapQuest feature to its sitebuilders, InstantPage™ and WebSite Tonight® that makes it easy to add MapQuest maps and directions to your Go Daddy site.

    Great for individuals or small businesses that don’t have the resources or technical skills to build a website, InstantPage makes it easy to launch an eye-catching website in less than five minutes. The addition of MapQuest helps Go Daddy website owners drive more traffic to their brick-and-mortar storefronts.

    There’s no coding or HTML knowledge required to use the MapQuest feature on a Go Daddy website. From the Go Daddy site builder tool, simply choose the widget, type in your address and an actual map – not just a link – instantly displays. Visitors who want a larger map or directions to your store just click from the widget to a pre-populated MapQuest result form. What’s really cool is businesses with multiple locations can choose to display a separate map for each location or build one map that includes them all., which currently manages over 50 million domain names, gives InstantPage* away free with every new domain or you can choose to upgrade to WebSite Tonight for a small monthly fee. Both options allow you to easily integrate MapQuest maps.

    MapQuest Map in Go Daddy Website

    *XXX domain names do not include free InstantPage.

  2. When the holidays come around, many people look for different ways to give or help out in their communities. MapQuest said to itself, “Self, why don’t we dedicate a portion of our site to helping people give back?”

    Throughout December, MapQuest is giving charities front-row access to 47 million people via a charity icon on our Map Toolbar. Thousands of charitable locations are mapped across America and we’re excited to be fueling the spirit of giving.

    MapQuest is honored to be working with Habitat for HumanityFeeding America and the American Red Cross Blood Drives this holiday season (December 1-31, 2010), displaying charity locations on in an effort to facilitate giving. Whether it’s donating food or clothes, giving blood, or helping to build a house, this feature makes it easier for people to give back this holiday season.

    We hope you take the time to donate and share this experience with your friends and family!