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  1. We recently told you about greater coverage to MapQuest Mobile Web and now we have even more. This means that the majority of traffic to our mobile site will see the new version (2.0). Why is this exciting? Well, our main goal of the new version was to make it an app-like experience but without the download – just go to from your mobile browser. And, of course, it’s free.

    MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0 on the Samsung Behold® II

    Some of the phones we’ve added include the Samsung Behold® II (pictured above), BlackBerry® 8830, BlackBerry® 8100 Pearl™ and the Palm® Centro™. If you’d like to see if version 2.0 is available on your device, check out our full list of supported devices.

    As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback via the MapQuest Help Site or Forum.

  2. We’re pleased to announce that basic Voice Guidance is now available on our MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app. This is an exciting feature that really differentiates us from most other free navigation apps available for iPhone.

    This new feature is extremly useful for me and I know it will be the same for our users. For instance, last week I needed to get back to the airport from my hotel after an eventful CTIA conference in Las Vegas. After a busy 3 days, my mind was shot – thankfully, MapQuest 4 Mobile was sitting shotgun in the rental car, literally telling me how to get there.

    After a quick search, I got my directions overview from the hotel to the airport. I pressed the green START button and was on my way. As I approached my first turn, the voice guidance informed me twice, and then confirmed the turn with a succinct ‘Turn right, now.’ That was easy.

    Uh-oh, cut-off by a cab, and couldn’t hit my next turn! The voice informs me that I am off route, and provides a message that will help me. I pull into a gas station, and tap ‘Reroute Me.’ Back on track.

    I drop off the rental car, and am pleased that I was able to use my device on a paucity of power (naturally, I forgot my charger) – the medium power setting allowed my screen to dim while the voice guidance continued, saving me precious power. Phew, I can still e-mail my boss before my flight.

    Oh, and it wouldn’t be Vegas if my wallet weren’t lighter so thank goodness the app is FREE! Why not try it?

  3. This week, a few of us from the MapQuest mobile team traveled to Vegas for the CTIA Wireless Conference, one of the biggest mobile conferences in the country. We’re here to discuss our focus on the User Experience, always answering the questions ‘Where is it, how do I get there, and what’s nearby/along the way?’ – consistently, over all connected devices.

    According to the most recent semi-annual survey results CTIA-The Wireless Association®, there are now more than 257 million data-capable devices in consumers’ hands, up from 228 million at the end of 2008. MapQuest wants to be on every one of them.

    If you own one of these 257 million devices, take a second to acquaint yourself with what MapQuest has to offer with this quick video interview by shot earlier this week.

  4. Yesterday we announced that our new MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0 is available on more browsers. What we didn’t mention is that we also launched a new capability on the site: Search-Along-Route. This may not sound like much at first, but it’s actually pretty useful. Let me give you an example: Have you ever been on your way to a meeting or your kid’s basketball game hoping you’ll find a coffee shop on the way there? Me too. In fact, many of us here at MapQuest have encountered situations like this. So we developed Search-Along-Route and it’s now available on our mobile website. Our years of experience tell us that most people will be looking for stuff near the origin of their trip (e.g. gas station) or the destination (e.g. parking) and you can do both of these on our site, but this new feature allows you to also search around any maneuver in your route for categories (e.g. coffee shops, post offices, etc.) or specific search terms (e.g. Monk’s Diner). Try Search-Along-Route. I suspect you’ll solve that caffeine craving. It did for me. ;)

    Here’s a visual of how easy it is to search-along-route:

    MapQuest Mobile Website Search for Coffee Shops Along the Route

    So where do you get this cool feature? Just type the URL into your mobile browser. To find out if MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0 is available on your phone, simply go to our help site.

    The vast majority of phones have mobile browsers, and MapQuest wants to be on every one of them in a meaningful way. Stay tuned as we continue to add to the list of devices compatible with MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0.

  5. As you may have noticed, we at MapQuest are bullish on the mobile browser. After all, nearly everyone with a phone has one! With this in mind, we’d like to announce greater coverage of MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0. Now more people can get a modern look-and-feel, a friendlier user-experience and new features like walking directions from our mobile web site. We still cover all phones that have a mobile browser, but now 40 of the most trafficked mobile devices will render this improved user-experience.

    Basically, we copied many of the great features available on our mobile downloadable applications, and made them available on your mobile browser. Advanced Browsers can even take advantage of top-tier capabilities like touch interface and GPS (Find Me). Standard Browsers access the same features except the touch, satellite, & GPS features.

    Map of Coors Field on the MapQuest Mobile Website - Version 2.0

    How do you get it?
    Just type the URL into your mobile browser. Bookmark it. You’ll have MapQuest at your fingertips without having to download any application or updates.

    What exactly is available on MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0? Here’s a quick summary:

    • My Places: Registered My Places users on can view their saved maps and routes. Browsers with cookie support will also save recent locations, automatically.
    • Directions: Reliable driving (and walking!) directions you’ve come to expect from
    • Maps: Enjoy aerial maps with quick pan and zoom features.
    • Live Traffic: Live traffic with the latest road conditions.
    • Find Me: See your location from your phone’s GPS chip. (iPhone & Android only)
    • Local Search: Search for a business, either by name, or maybe just a category.

    Why not at least try it? As always, stay tuned on more to come.

  6. We’ve been reading customer suggestions, and heeded the call for greater coverage on the line-up of BlackBerry® mobile devices. As of just yesterday, you can now get MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free app, on six new BlackBerry devices, across numerous carriers in the US:

    BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip
    BlackBerry 8230 Pearl Flip
    BlackBerry 8520 Curve
    BlackBerry 8900 Curve
    BlackBerry 9700 Bold
    BlackBerry 9630 Tour

    Download MapQuest 4 Mobile from BlackBerry App World™ now. Once you’ve downloaded it, please rate it – we want to hear what you like and/or what we should improve!

    In case you’re not familiar with MapQuest 4 Mobile, here’s a quick look at it’s features:

    • My Places: Registered My Places users on can view their saved maps and routes.
    • Directions: Reliable directions you’ve come to expect from
    • Maps: Enjoy aerial maps and street maps with quick pan and zoom features.
    • Live Traffic: Live traffic with the latest road conditions.
    • Find Me: See your location from your phone’s GPS chip. Track your progress as you move (select handsets only).
    • Local Search: Search for a business, either by name, or maybe just a category. Pizza anyone?
  7. That was a rhetorical question. Yes, you do…especially when that application is MapQuest® 4 Mobile.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free app, brings over a decade of digital mapping experience to your iPhoneTM with distinguishing features to help you get where you’re going. Our legendary attention to driving directions warrants a place in your starting lineup. Get the latest version (1.4) – just released – here.

     Image of Auto-Advance and Energy Saving Mode Screens on MapQuest 4 Mobile

    New – Hands Free Directions
    Auto-Advance is our latest innovation to help you get there. It improves the standard “Find Me” by using your iPhone’s GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver – all without having to touch the screen.

    Why is this good for you? Well, say you get directions from your house to where your kids are playing soccer. When you leave your street, your iPhone screen automatically changes to your next turn. Once you make that turn, you guessed it: the view changes to the next step in your directions. No hands! For a detailed explanation of how this works, visit our help site.

    Also New – Energy Savings Mode
    MapQuesters, headquartered in beautiful Colorado, tend to think ‘green.’ As such, we’ve introduced settings that help to reduce battery drain – a plus for a map app (these tend to use a lot of battery with the GPS).

    For example, if you were driving from Denver, CO to Billings, MT, you would want the setting to be ‘High Savings.’ It’s a long, straight drive, where you will not need the app for long stretches of time, so why waste your precious battery? Conversely, perhaps you are navigating through New York City’s West Village on your way out to LaGuardia – in this case you may want to keep your screen from dimming during the journey, knowing that there are a multitude of maneuvers. In this case, you would set the app to ‘Low Savings’ (the default setting).

    Try our new features, and find out why MapQuest 4 Mobile is different, and a must for your starting lineup.

  8. We at MapQuest strive to get travelers to their destinations; it’s what we do. Adding MapQuest 4 Mobile to your list of must-have travel applications is a no-brainer. Obviously, we’re biased, so listen to what some others are saying. ;)

    Los Angelinos represent our #1 market for search traffic, so perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Los Angeles Times ran a piece within the Daily Travel and Deal Blog featuring 21 travel apps worth using, and you guessed it, MapQuest 4 Mobile bats leadoff.

    Add MapQuest 4 Mobile to your iPhone™ travel toolbox!

    Screenshots of Los Angeles Times Article

  9. As I’m out and about, I try and notice what devices people are using. One of the devices I’ve noticed, in literally every airport I’ve visited, is the BlackBerry 8700. This ubiquitous work horse of business deserves a hard-working, free mapping application. MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta fits that bill! Point your mobile browser to and download MapQuest 4 Mobile for FREE.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is available for these BlackBerry’s.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is FREE, easy to use, and offers valuable features such as maps, directions, local business search and more. See more information.

  10. By far, the most requested handset of 2008 was the BlackBerry Pearl. Well, here it is! We are pleased to furnish our loyal users with MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta on the Pearl (BlackBerry 8100), at no cost.

    If you have a BlackBerry Pearl on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Rogers, Bell, or Telus, point your mobile browser to and download MapQuest 4 Mobile to enjoy our mobile map and directions application.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is already available for these BlackBerrys

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is FREE, easy to use, and offers valuable features such as maps, directions, local business search and more. See more information.

    That’s all 4 now. Keep checking back 4 updates! We’ll have the new Pearl flip soon!