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  1. MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is now available on 25 RIM BlackBerry devices. Our popular application is available on select AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, Bell, Telus, and Rogers devices in the US and Canada.

    Check the list below and see if your phone is listed.

    In the coming weeks, look for the 8100 (Pearl) and 8700 versions along with a great, new feature of retrieving saved maps and routes from My MapQuest on your MapQuest 4 Mobile application. Learn More

    Download the application now: 1) Get your BlackBerry 2) Point your mobile web browser to 3) Download!

  2. A “bold” new MapQuest – new device builds keep coming! Thousands of BlackBerry users have taken advantage of the great new mobile application, MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta.

    We appreciate all the positive feedback our loyal users are providing. But since its debut, the most common question we get is, “When will it be available for my handset?” Rest assured we’re working hard to add new devices on a continuing basis!

    This week we’re introducing the AT&T BlackBerry Bold; Verizon BlackBerry 8830, 8330; & T-Mobile BlackBerry 8300, 8800, and 8820.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is already available for the BlackBerry 8830 on Sprint, and the 8310, 8800, and 8820 models for AT&T.

    If you have a compatible phone, try out the MapQuest 4 Mobile application. It’s FREE, easy to use, and offers valuable features such as maps, directions, local business search and more. See more information.

    That’s all 4 now. Keep checking back 4 updates and great new features in the next few weeks!

  3. MapQuest users have come to rely on the quality and accuracy of MapQuest results no matter where they are — which is why we are delighted to introduce MapQuest optimized for the iPhone. We have served millions of requests for MapQuest from iPhone and iPod browsers and now those results will be presented in a fast, easy-to-use way specifically for the iPhone.

    MapQuest Web Application for iPhone

    Now you can pinch, flick, and tap your way to your destination on! Our new iPhone interface includes the same features that MapQuest provides on the full-browser experience. Driving Directions, Maps, Local Search, Traffic, Recent Locations, and Cheapest Gas Prices, with more enhancements showing up automatically in the near future. No downloads needed!

    How do I get there?

    Easy. Just type into your iPhone or iPod Touch Safari Browser. We’ll detect that you are coming from an iPhone and know to send you directly to our iPhone web interface.

    Once there, you can tap the “+” at the bottom of your screen and select “Add to Home Screen” to place a shortcut icon on your iPhone’s main menu screen. You’ll then see the MapQuest Star icon on your screen for easy access back to MapQuest.

    We hope you enjoy the user experience of MapQuest for iPhone. Remember to look for more features coming soon!

  4. The launches keep coming this week at MapQuest! We’re adding to our announcements with the launch of MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta.

    We’re excited to show off our new free mobile product that offers maps, directions, local business search and more for BlackBerry devices. One quick look at the interface and you’ll see how intuitive it is — you’ll go from a new user to a pro in a single use. Try out the scrolling carousel across the top and you’ll see how easy it is to use.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile carousel, directions, and visual directions
    Those that have tried this new mobile app out immediately found it engaging and very practical. Not only does it get you where you need to go with street and hybrid (aerial imagery with street names) map views, we have handy features such as live traffic conditions and MapQuest’s database of over 16 million points of interest to search from.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Screens: Aerial, Street, and Traffic views

    One of the really cool features is the GPS Find Me feature. Your GPS chip helps locate you and you can quickly get directions from your current location and track your progress as you get to your destination.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile Find Me feature

    MapQuest 4 Mobile is currently available for download for the BlackBerry 8830 on Sprint, and the 8310, 8800, and 8820 models for AT&T. Many more devices will be supported in the coming months.

    Get more information and download the product at our product page.

    That’s all 4 now. Keep checking back 4 updates.