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  1. With MapQuest’s new free app for the Window Phone 8, there’s no need to stress about the details for your upcoming road trip or drive across town. You can spend more time enjoying the journey with the app’s turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic conditions, and tools to help find what you need along the way. Starving upon arrival? Need a place to stay? Use the app to search for nearby restaurants or hotels.

    MapQuest’s new Windows Phone 8 app includes the following features:

    • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions using GPS
    • Seamless, modern design that makes it easy to find restaurants, hotels, and attractions
    • Access to recent searches and favorite locations
    • Optimal routes for both driving and walking
    • Live traffic conditions updated every 5 minutes
    • Live Tiles update based on current location, fully integrating the app with the Windows Phone 8 experience

    So what are you waiting for? The summer travel season is starting. If you don’t have a trip scheduled, you can book a hotel, flight or rental car on and use the app to navigate your adventure. Download the new MapQuest for Windows Phone 8 app now!

    As always, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

  2. Share Locations on MapQuest MobileWe’re all taught that sharing is good, and we at MapQuest couldn’t agree more. We’ve listened to requests from our millions of mobile app users, and have introduced the ability to share your locations and destinations with friends, family, and social networks. Now available on our free apps for iPhone and Android, you can easily share just about anything you can map on MapQuest via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Just a few examples of the benefits of sharing:

    • Kid’s ballgame across town? Share maps to the field with their teammate’s parents
    • Discover an awesome new spot for Asian food? Alert the Twittersphere!
    • On a business trip? Pick a place to meet with clients and text your location to colleagues
    • On vacation with the family? Tell your Facebook friends about the amazing resort you found using MapQuest Discover and booked on

    To share a location, simply touch the map, route marker or location pin and the new “Share” icon will appear on the left side of the info box. Select that icon, and then follow the prompts to send a link using email, text messaging, Facebook or Twitter. Once sent, the links can be opened in on a desktop computer, or directly in our mobile apps – which allows the recipient to easily route from their current location. If the iPhone or Android app is not yet downloaded, we’ll show a message and link right to the App Store or Google Play.

    This is just a start, and we will be expanding sharing options soon. Like our latest traffic feature that automatically re-routes you around traffic jams, sharing is just one of many innovations on our roadmap designed to help you get around and stay in touch – no matter how you live, work, and play.

    Download our free iPhone or Android app today – and don’t be afraid to share!

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  3. Last year MapQuest introduced traffic-sensitive routing into our hugely popular free navigation apps for Android and iPhone, automatically optimizing your route based on traffic conditions when you begin navigation.

    With our latest releases of the flagship MapQuest apps now in the App Store and Google Play, we can now check traffic conditions every few minutes as you traverse your route, and adjust on-the-fly. You don’t need to do anything: if congestion is detected and we can find a faster way around it, we’ll re-route automatically and notify you using a simple spoken instruction. You can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

    We think drivers will love the benefits of this feature: saving time and gas, reducing aggravation, and finding alternate routes even in familiar areas (try it on your commute!). And if you prefer to just crank the tunes and wait for the congestion to clear, you can easily disable traffic-based routing using Settings in either app.

    Our traffic-based routing is based on INRIX data. INRIX collects more real-time traffic info from more sources than anyone else in the industry, including crowd-sourced data from commercial fleet and consumer vehicles as well as GPS-enabled mobile devices. MapQuest’s real-time traffic coverage includes over 200,000 miles of roads in North America, which is essentially all major roads in medium-to-large cities. And the coverage is even better during rush hour.

    Download our free iPhone or Android app and start avoiding traffic snarls today – then tell us on Twitter or Facebook what you did with the time you saved!

  4. Fuel prices are finally trending down a bit, but with the nationwide average still well above $3.00 per gallon it still makes sense to find the best deal when you stop to fill up.

    The MapQuest Gas Prices site has been helping drivers find those best deals for years, and we’re happy to report we’ve freshened it up. The new design makes it easier for you to find gas stations sorted either by proximity or cheapest nearby, and select your preferred fuel type (premium, diesel, etc.). We’ve also used a device-responsive design so it will work better on smartphones and tablets, and streamlined updates so that prices are now refreshed up to three times per day.

    Also, if you haven’t tried the free MapQuest Gas Prices apps for iPhone or Android, go to the App Store or Google Play and take them for a spin. They may just help you save some cash to pay off those holiday bills!

    Drive safe, and enjoy the Holidays.

  5. Fall has arrived, and that means Thanksgiving trips to visit family, leaf-peeping drives, and (we hope) an early start to the ski season! That all translates to lots of driving, and in these times of volatile gas prices we’d all like to save a few dollars when we fill up.

    MapQuest is happy to introduce our MapQuest Gas Prices app for iPhone and Android, now available free on the App Store and Google Play. With this handy app you can easily find the best gas prices near you – whether out on that fall road trip, commuting home, or just running errands around town. The app will automatically find your location and show nearby gas stations, allow filtering by gas type (diesel and E85 users take note), and let you drill down to view available amenities like convenience stores and restaurants. You can even set Favorites to quickly compare gas prices at your preferred stations.

    Download the FREE MapQuest Gas Prices app to your iPhone or Android today and start saving on your next tankful!

  6. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and we agree. So just in time to help you deal with mid-winter driving, we are happy to announce the arrival of traffic and road condition cameras on

    Traffic Cameras

    To see the cameras, just click on “Live Traffic” in the upper right portion of your map. You’ll see toggles for traffic cameras and traffic conditions (our extensive traffic speed and incident info), which you can show together or separately. Hovering on camera icon will show the location, and clicking on it will bring up the images (hint: zoom in closer if there are a lot of cameras in the area).

    Our coverage consists of over 11,000 cameras covering 100+ markets in the US and Canada, and we’ll be adding more soon. Update frequencies will vary, but most are updated every couple of minutes or so.

    Now you can quickly visualize traffic and weather conditions before your morning commute or heading out on that weekend getaway. It’s all part of our mission to help you get there safely and efficiently.

    Check out MapQuest traffic cameras now

  7. MapQuest gets a lot of passionate feedback from our 44+ million users.  Among the most frequent enhancement requests are walking and transit directions on  With increasingly walkable cities and the growing popularity of transit as a convenient and eco-friendly travel option, we are happy to announce the launch of…both!

    Walking Directions are now available just about everywhere driving directions are on (we’ve had them for a while on our MQ4Mobile and Mobile Web apps).  Walking directions will guide you down the most efficient paths and through parks, often avoiding vehicle traffic. To use the feature, just click Get Directions, select the “walking man” icon above the Start field, and enter your locations.  It’s as simple as that!

    MapQuest Transit Directions Example

    Rail Transit Directions are now available in six major metro areas (NYC, Chicago, D.C., San Fran, Boston and Philly) all of which have large subway, elevated and/or commuter rail networks. Rail transit is integrated with walking directions, allowing travelers in these cities to route between towns, addresses, points of interest, or specific transit stations.

    To use the transit feature, just click on the train icon (right next to the walking icon), enter your locations, and select the time and date of your trip. Your route map will show walking and transit segments in different colors, with icons indicating the mode of travel, station locations, and transfers. Timing information will be included in your step-by-step directions in the left column. For more details, please see our Help site.

    While extremely helpful for travel planning, MapQuest Transit version 1.0 is just a starting point. We’ll be working to add more cities, transit system maps and station details, mobile support, bus routing, and additional enhancements.

    Please try out the new features, and stay tuned for more!

  8. The routing team at MapQuest has always taken pride in providing driving routes which help you get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. Our routing algorithm has been tuned over many years based on user feedback, and incorporates a wide range of factors from speed limits to road class to the impact of left turns. We’ve added flexibility in recent years by expanding customization options like avoiding tolls, highways, and other road types – and by making routes interactive so you can simply drag onto roads you prefer to use.

    As we all know from our own travels in familiar areas however, there is often more than one reasonable way to get between points A and B!

    With that in mind, we are pleased to announce Alternate Routes on

    When you generate driving directions, you will now often see one or two additional options in addition to the “main” route – which is produced using the same time-tested MapQuest technology you’ve come to know and trust. Alternate routes are likely to be just a shade longer in terms of timing or distance – and we won’t show any at all if no good options exist.

    You don’t need to do anything to generate alternates – simply look for them under the Suggested Routes heading in the left column.  Each option is given a unique descriptive name based on the main roads it uses. When you move your mouse over the alternate, it will turn light green and you’ll see the alternate route displayed in pink on the map (see image). To select an alternate, just click on the highlighted area and we’ll automatically update your driving directions (for more details, please visit our Help Site).

    MapQuest Alternate Routes

    We hope you like the additional options, and we’d like your feedback.  If you know of alternates that you think are better than what we’ve shown, let us know by filling out our feedback form (please be specific!).  We’ll use your input to make MapQuest’s alternate routes even smarter.

  9. If you visit MapQuest frequently, you’re likely to be familiar with our real-time traffic feature, which helps with trip planning by showing traffic congestion using familiar green-yellow-red overlays as well as traffic incident and road construction details. Well, we have great news for you: we’ve just dramatically expanded our road congestion (or “flow”) coverage, to over a quarter-million miles of roadways throughout major cities in North America.  Best of all, we now include key arterials and city streets, enabling the MapQuest community to view traffic conditions on important cross-town routes which might also serve as good alternates to major highways.

    MapQuest Live Traffic Expanded Coverage

    This is all made possible by the new SpeedWavesTM technology developed by our traffic partner INRIX, which factors in the impact of stoplights and stop signs on traffic flow to provide a more realistic and reliable view of traffic conditions along secondary roads. This approach provides higher accuracy than competitors who may interpret vehicles starting and stopping for traffic lights and stop signs on these roads as traffic jams instead of the normal flow of traffic through these intersections.

    MapQuest Live Traffic Button

    So if you’re already a fan of MapQuest Traffic, enjoy the expanded coverage! If you haven’t tried it, now is a great time to take us for a test drive as you check out all the other great new features at To view traffic, just click on the “Live Traffic” button along the top of your map and zoom in to see our expanded coverage – or, zoom out to see which cities are covered.

    So before you head home from work or take the kids to that cross-town soccer game, go to MapQuest and check out our new and improved Live Traffic!

  10. My MapQuest, expanded MQ 4 Mobile, Draggable Routes, MapQuest Local…with so many great new products and features launching lately, we almost forgot to mention one of our coolest new additions.

    Showing specific business locations on a map is of course an important capability. But since many MapQuest users come to us mainly for driving directions, we thought showing locations along your route would be helpful too!

    Scenario 1:
    You live in Colorado Springs and are planning a snowboarding trip to Telluride, but want to spend a day exploring Mesa Verde National Park first. You like staying at Holiday Inns and want to know what options are convenient to the Park.

    Scenario 2:
    You are a Titans fan planning a trip from Nashville to Indy to the see the season finale vs. Peyton Manning and the Colts. You need to find Walmart along the way to stock up on tailgating supplies.

    You can change your view using the “Show on Map” legend which appears in the lower right corner of your map. Alternate display options include showing business locations near a route stop or within the visible map area (enabled only at certain zoom levels).

    Our thanks to Walmart and Holiday Inn for their charter sponsorship of this new feature. We will be extending the Locations Along Route capability to other types of searches in the near future, so stay tuned!

    For more information about MapQuest Business Locator and other advertising programs, click here.