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  1. With gas prices being top of everyone’s mind, you’ll be glad to know MapQuest just made finding cheap gas in your city easier. We’ve updated the Gas Prices home page to show prices at gas stations right near your current location. Even if you haven’t set a default location with MapQuest, we’ll try to determine a location near you and show the three lowest priced stations in your area.

    Local gas prices shown by default

    For an even more local view, the Gas Prices home page will use your home or work location if you have set a default on

    Set your home and work locations in the If you don’t already have a home or work default assigned, just go to the MapQuest Settings page. Or, find it by clicking on the “Saved & Recent” area in the Maps form area and input your home or work default.

    Go look for cheap gas now by visiting MapQuest Gas Prices or click on the Gas Prices icon in the MapQuest header.

  2. The popularity of finding cheap gas on MapQuest Gas Prices continues to grow with the never-ending price increases at the pump. About the only thing you like going up on gas prices is our accuracy! MapQuest updates thousands of gas prices every few hours. Due to the high volume of data flowing in from gas stations across the country, we occasionally have a handful of pricing irregularities slip through our data provider’s filter. However, we work very closely with our data providers to try to ensure that MapQuest visitors get current and accurate data. In fact, we update our data seven times a day. Not every station updates their price that frequently so we expire gas prices after 48 hours so that consumers have current information when shopping around for fuel.

    We saw in the news the other day that a station in Carlisle, Pennsylvania had a price that was 60 cents lower than normal. Instead of the normal $3.559, the price was reported as $2.959. I’m sure more than a few MapQuest visitors saw that price and thought, “Wow! I am going to go fill up the tank.” Was there a sale? Was there a radio or television promotion going on? No, unfortunately a processing error occurred and an errant price slipped through the filter and was displayed on the web.

    As some consumers found out after they visited or called the station, the price was not actually 60 cents cheaper. We investigated the pricing issue with our data provider and found out that two transactions that streamed in on April 23rd for this station were misreported. Fortunately, the price corrected itself when the system updated, but for those who saw the lower price it was too late.

    So what’s next? Our data provider ensures us that they will be updating their filter in the next couple of weeks which will greatly reduce the risk of any erroneous prices being reported. We also need your help. If you see an incorrect gas price on our page, visit our help page and send us a note. Also if there’s something on the site that you like or dislike, let us know. We appreciate all the feedback MapQuest Gas Price visitors have given us so far.

  3. When we launched MapQuest Gas Prices last year we were thrilled to see how popular it was with our users. People love being able to not only find gas stations in their area, but also find the cheapest prices – a pretty useful feature these days. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that we’ve used to make some great improvements to the site.

    Here’s a list of a few of the new features:

    Gas Price Calculator – Just enter your Trip Distance, your car’s Miles per Gallon and the Cost per Gallon of the gas station you picked from the site. Hit calculate and you’ll quickly get the approximate cost of your trip.

    Alternative Fuels – Now you can easily find a station nearby that has the type of alternative fuel your car needs. Even if you don’t have a car that runs on alternative fuel, you might be curious to see where you could find it.

    Expiration on Gas Prices – We update our gas & diesel prices up to 7 times a day, but not every station sends in updates everyday. Any price older than 48 hours no longer shows up in your search results.

    If you’re an existing user, you’ll notice the changes and we hope you are happy with them. If you are new to MapQuest Gas Prices, go to the site at and check out the prices in your area!

    If you’d like to find out more, go to the Gas Prices About page.