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  1. Travel is more fun today, isn’t it?  Travel is easier, more intuitive, more fulfilling and just plain better.  If you had asked the good people who founded MapQuest in 1996, I think they would have shared that their hope for this — the pioneer provider of online maps and directions — would be to do just that: Make travel better.

    Nearly two decades later, that’s why we MapQuest folk get out of bed every day.  Our teams around the country and partners across the globe spend literally every second on the job working, yes, to improve travel, but also to expand your idea of how we can help make your DAY better.

    As consumers, we look for help making 254,800 decisions each year.  It’s exhausting!  Just trying to decide what’s for dinner or where to take fido for a groom can spin the day in a sour direction.

    But what if that didn’t have to happen?  What if MapQuest were there to help with the most remedial decisions required every day?

    Friends, that day is here.  If you haven’t checked out the new MapQuest Local experience launched just last month, that’s a good place to start.

    • Taking Timmy to a soccer game and need to have dinner waiting when you get home?  Review menus and order online from hundreds of thousands of restaurants nationwide.
    • Did your favorite professional hockey team surprise everyone and make it to the second round?  Let us help you try and find last-minute tickets.

    And don’t miss the myriad of other functionalities from booking an appointment and checking your flight status to finding a hotel or making a dinner reservation. It’s the beginnings of what we believe will be the best single source of local discovery and experience on the planet.

    Though we find people appreciate printed directions and riding shotgun with them, millions have taken a liking to our free, re-imagined navigation apps launched late in 2013.  Our heralded iOS and Android apps focus on the three most important areas for our consumers:

    • Safety: Our upside-down mode means you don’t have to monkey with your phone to navigate the road.  Keep your hands on the 10-and-2, and we’ll flip things around for you.
    • Accuracy: Nobody in this business offers the plethora of algorithms we do to get you there, even if road conditions change and an alternate route is required.
    • Relevancy: Driving more than a few hours on your trip?  Drag and drop the map icon to find hotel options along your route.

    There’s a lot to see and do with the new MapQuest these days, and while we hope you take a peek at these meaningful offerings, we’re not even close to being done with them.  Keep an eye on us these next few months as we continue to roll out features to make the every day better.  Because it’s what happens AFTER you get there that matters, isn’t it?

    We’d love to hear from you!  Tell us what you think and what you want: @MapQuest or

    About the Author

    General Manager, MapQuest
  2. JFK Airport details on the new MapQuest Local

    Want to know if your flight is delayed?  Need to find a quick grooming appointment for the family dog? Late night at an offsite and need to order-in dinner from someplace close? On the eve of its 18th anniversary, MapQuest today launched the initial phase of its desktop property reinvention — a completely reimagined experience for local discovery and a nod to nearly two decades of enhancing local experiences for millions of travelers. The new MapQuest Local is available on desktop and tablet website, delivering relevant details, handy functionality and valuable reviews from several trusted partners to create a single source for in-depth, local information.

    Do More: What The Newly Improved MapQuest Offers Users

    • Order online or book a restaurant reservation
    • Book a wide-range of service appointments … even for a pet
    • Search and secure an event ticket
    • Book travel via MapQuest’s booking widget
    • Find airport delay information, concourse maps, and terminal information
    • Take advantage of great local deals
    • Find user reviews, ratings and tips

    MapQuest partnered with top data providers and included publicly available government data sources to create the most relevant information set, including:

    • Foursquare: Providing venue tips*
    • GrubHub: Access to online and mobile ordering from more than 28,000 takeout restaurants
    • SinglePlatform: Menu information for nearly 500,000 businesses
    • Booker: Scheduling functionality for more than 40 business types including spas and salons
    • SeatGeek: Ticketing for more than 180,000 events at 50,000 venues
    • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration): Airport status information such as ground stops and average airport delays made publicly available by the FAA (Airports are the No. 1 queried search on

    MapQuest leads the industry with patented algorithms that determine what information is pertinent and how it is served. These information sources complement MapQuest’s existing partners, including Priceline Partner Network and OpenTable.  

    We believe we’ve created a truly intuitive one-stop shop for all relevant information a consumer may need – the right information, at the right time, in the right place.   This is a game-changer for current and new MapQuest users who are looking for that one resource to save them time and better empower their decisions.

    *Foursquare tips to be integrated in mid-2014.

    ** integration currently available; expanded content scheduled to debut in mid-2014.

  3. We had a big year at MapQuest and we wanted to thank you for being a part of it!
    Here’s just a quick run down of the 2012 highlights:

    MapQuest Discover

    In the fall we debuted MapQuest Discover, a photo-rich travel board where you can plan your next adventure, share photos of places and cities you’ve been, get inspired by great trip guides from our MapQuest travel writers, or even learn about new places to visit from other people like you. More

    MapQuest Local

    MapQuest Vibe expanded into MapQuest Local. Now you can get insider info like travel guides, reviews & ratings, best restaurants, your friend’s activity, and more for hundreds of cities and all 50 states. More

    Mobile Apps

    We’ve been working hard on our free iPhone and Android apps, so that cheap gas and voice-guided directions that beat traffic are only a tap away. More

    The year saw changes to the site that allow you to hide the steps out of your neighborhood, find the cheapest gas and easily view the best places in any neighborhood.More

    MapQuest API

    For the developers out there, we released our iOS and Android Map APIs, which brings flexible routing, accurate geocoding, and beautiful maps to your own mobile apps. We also refreshed the styling on our Open Map Tiles, updated our Open JavaScript API, and released our Open Geocoding API. More

    MapQuest Culture

    From community gardens to clothing drives, picnics to holiday parties, we made it a point to be active in the community again this year. And with lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline, we’re continually looking for talented folks to join us.

    Big Plans for 2013

    In 2013, you’ll see us continue to improve what you’ve come to love about MapQuest, including exciting new products that move us further along in our vision for the future: to inspire your travel time, family time, free time, anytime; wherever the map meets your life.

    Every month, 36+ MILLION* of you shared the journey with us.
    Looking forward to another great year with you!

    Your friends at:


    * Source: Avg over calendar year, comScore 2012

  4. At MapQuest, maps and directions are the foundation of how we’ve been helping people get where they want to go for over 16 years. And when you’re going somewhere new or unfamiliar, whether it’s a new restaurant in town, a weekend trip to the mountains, or that big cross country road trip, you’ve come to trust companies like MapQuest to get you there.

    As MapQuest grows, we don’t want to just get people where they want to go. We want to inspire them to explore new places. And the way we do that is by extending our products and services to help throughout the entire trip-cycle: inspiring, planning, experiencing, and sharing travels and adventures.

    Putting all these experiences together in an engaging platform will let one person’s account of their trip or a professional travel article inspire others to travel. And when they share their adventures, it will then inspire more fellow travelers.

    Today we’re excited to announce MapQuest Discover. This early beta focuses on the inspiration piece of the trip-cycle by providing a photo-centric social and travel experience centered on places that people may want to explore, whether it’s for a night out, weekend trip, or vacation of a lifetime.

    Users of Discover can create and share collections of favorite places (“My favorite pubs” or “The Best Golf Courses in North America”) or make bucket lists (“100 Places to see before I kick the bucket”). In addition to these user-generated collections, Discover contains travel guides written by travel experts.

    MapQuest Discover’s homepage is an infinitely scrolling newsfeed of popular Places, Collections and Travel Guides. From here, users can quickly Like a Place, mark that they have Been to a Place, or Add a Place to one of their own Collections.

    Collection pages include photos of all the Places in the Collection and also have a Leaderboard which shows which Discover users have been to the most Places in that Collection, providing for good natured bragging rights (“I’ve been to 49 of the 50 states!”). A user’s Passport serves as their profile page and shows all the places a user has been, collections they created, and more.

    To complement MapQuest Discover and add more depth to our user’s travel planning experience, we’ve overhauled MapQuest Local. These redesigned pages about states, cities, places, and neighborhoods now contain reviews, deals, travel guides, related collections, and all the new features from MapQuest Discover.

    For over 16 years, MapQuest has played an important role in helping people navigate the world. With the launch of MapQuest Discover and the overhaul of MapQuest Local, we’re excited about not just getting people where they want to go, but inspiring them to go there.

    Vijay Bangaru, VP Product

  5. MapQuest Logo
    We’ve got some really exciting things coming up, and the start of our journey begins today on! Our new logos will help you easily navigate the many MapQuest tools that you’ve come to love. Though we’ve long been known for our maps and directions, we wanted to make it easier for you to access additional trip-planning tools to make everything from grocery-getting to going off the grid faster, better and more enjoyable. You can check out the new logos on all of our sites, including, MapQuest Gas Prices, MapQuest Route Planner, MapQuest Developers, and more. It’s even on the blog (look up!) :-).

    As part of this effort, MapQuest Vibe will be rebranded as MapQuest Local, still offering Vibe rankings and scores, voting, rich neighborhood information and the complete local experience you’ve grown to love. You’ll see the new logos across the MapQuest products – from our websites to our free apps.

    Watch for more exciting news soon. In the meantime, keep travelin’.

  6. Don’t know about you, but we here at MapQuest have found infographics – or “data eye-candy” – to be a much more interesting way of visualizing the billions of data points we evaluate instead of the standard spreadsheet.  With more than 36 million* people searching for maps, directions, and places such as restaurants, airports, hotels and top brands every month, data is something we have a lot of and it says a lot about what’s interesting to you.  So, we wanted to show some of the more interesting information about what people are doing on MapQuest.  Click here or on the infographic image below for the full size.

    We even used our big data and what we know about where people like to go to create our latest local discovery product, MapQuest Vibe.   If you haven’t had a chance to download one of the top free travel apps in the iPhone store, go to or search for mqvibe in the iPhone store to help you find cool neighborhoods and the best restaurants, bars, and shopping wherever you are traveling.

    We hope you enjoy this look at what’s happening on MapQuest!  If you have any questions or would like additional about the infographic, please contact Anke Corbin at

    *comScore January 2012

  7. Oct 2, 2009

    Welcome to Fall!

    Fall has many special occasions, and among them the changing of the leaves. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to experience the vibrant reds, oranges, maroons & yellows of Fall in Vermont. I spent my college years in southwest Virginia where the beautiful maroon and orange colors were indicative of my school’s colors and meant that it was football season. These days I’m in Denver, Colorado with a different view of Fall as the Aspens turn a bright green and then to a vibrant gold color. Although the leaves here are beautiful in their own right, I must say that the most beautiful Fall seasons that I’ve experienced were in Vermont & Upstate New York.

    If you’re looking for some great foliage viewing and need some ideas, check out this list put together by our friends at Digital City. If you need a few tips for your trip planning, make sure you make use of all of MapQuest’s features:

    Low on Funds?

    • Check out our handy fuel cost calculator- it uses your car’s gas mileage in conjunction with the length of your trip and gas prices in your area to determine the cost of your route.
    • Drag your route to see side roads and more foliage. (Save your route too!)

    Looking for hotels to stay at along your route?

    • Click on our on-map search tool on the right of the map- you can select either the bed icon or a brand that you prefer on the toolbar. Scroll up or down to see more options.
    • Check for restaurants or gas stations too!

    Planning in advance?

    • Save your trip in your “My Places” account for easy access online OR on your mobile device!
    • Check out MapQuest Local to see what else is happening at your destination.

    Going on a whim?

    Safe Travels!

  8. Over at, we have Widgets that help you find just about anything near you. For instance, you can easily find local concerts, blogs, tweets, movies, classifieds, restaurants…and the list goes on.

    While these widgets are extremely useful and functional, none compare to the importance and impactful nature of our new Missing and Exploited Children Widget powered by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

    The new widget features pictures and information about children who are missing from your default local area established on You can also search for missing children by name and link directly to NCMEC’s website for other missing children resources.

    Continuing a relationship with NCMEC that spans nearly 10 years, AOL and MapQuest believe the new widget is an informative method for anyone to easily help in the search for missing children.

    The new widget can be found at

  9. Tour Tracker on MapQuest LocalI’ve been making plans for the annual pilgrimage to Austin, TX for SXSW Interactive. Austin is also the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Being a former resident, I can attest to this.

    So to help me find concerts while I’m in town and to help you find concerts wherever you may go, this morning we released a Tour Tracker widget on MapQuest Local. MapQuest Local is already part of my “where to go, what to do” toolbox, both on my desktop and on my iPhone. As a music-lover, being able to find what concerts are coming to town is helpful. That’s what Tour Tracker does.

    The Tour Tracker widget allows you to sort upcoming concert listings by date and music genre near your current location. You can also get a map or directions to the concert venue and you can hop over to AOL Music for tickets and additional information about the show.

    It’s all happening… on MapQuest Local.

  10. You may think of MapQuest just as a maps site, but with all the features we’ve added over the last year, we’re branching out to be a travel resource for millions of consumers. Users are finding valuable services such as our Gas Prices site or finding out what’s going on around them using our Local site to enhance their overall travel experience. Whether they’re finding what’s nearby home or what to do at their far-away destination, more MapQuest users are using us for a variety of valuable travel features.

    As proof of the popularity of our expanded resources, Hitwise, a leading online intelligence service, recently presented MapQuest with awards in the Travel-Maps category. Every quarter, Hitwise recognizes the 10 most popular websites in over a 160 categories.

    For the forth quarter of 2008, MapQuest is proud to have earned three awards:

    The Hitwise Top 10 Award Program is based on popularity according to the market share of user visits a website receives compared to other websites in their industry during a specific period.