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  1. We’ve been reading customer suggestions, and heeded the call for greater coverage on the line-up of BlackBerry® mobile devices. As of just yesterday, you can now get MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free app, on six new BlackBerry devices, across numerous carriers in the US:

    BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip
    BlackBerry 8230 Pearl Flip
    BlackBerry 8520 Curve
    BlackBerry 8900 Curve
    BlackBerry 9700 Bold
    BlackBerry 9630 Tour

    Download MapQuest 4 Mobile from BlackBerry App World™ now. Once you’ve downloaded it, please rate it – we want to hear what you like and/or what we should improve!

    In case you’re not familiar with MapQuest 4 Mobile, here’s a quick look at it’s features:

    • My Places: Registered My Places users on can view their saved maps and routes.
    • Directions: Reliable directions you’ve come to expect from
    • Maps: Enjoy aerial maps and street maps with quick pan and zoom features.
    • Live Traffic: Live traffic with the latest road conditions.
    • Find Me: See your location from your phone’s GPS chip. Track your progress as you move (select handsets only).
    • Local Search: Search for a business, either by name, or maybe just a category. Pizza anyone?
  2. That was a rhetorical question. Yes, you do…especially when that application is MapQuest® 4 Mobile.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free app, brings over a decade of digital mapping experience to your iPhoneTM with distinguishing features to help you get where you’re going. Our legendary attention to driving directions warrants a place in your starting lineup. Get the latest version (1.4) – just released – here.

     Image of Auto-Advance and Energy Saving Mode Screens on MapQuest 4 Mobile

    New – Hands Free Directions
    Auto-Advance is our latest innovation to help you get there. It improves the standard “Find Me” by using your iPhone’s GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver – all without having to touch the screen.

    Why is this good for you? Well, say you get directions from your house to where your kids are playing soccer. When you leave your street, your iPhone screen automatically changes to your next turn. Once you make that turn, you guessed it: the view changes to the next step in your directions. No hands! For a detailed explanation of how this works, visit our help site.

    Also New – Energy Savings Mode
    MapQuesters, headquartered in beautiful Colorado, tend to think ‘green.’ As such, we’ve introduced settings that help to reduce battery drain – a plus for a map app (these tend to use a lot of battery with the GPS).

    For example, if you were driving from Denver, CO to Billings, MT, you would want the setting to be ‘High Savings.’ It’s a long, straight drive, where you will not need the app for long stretches of time, so why waste your precious battery? Conversely, perhaps you are navigating through New York City’s West Village on your way out to LaGuardia – in this case you may want to keep your screen from dimming during the journey, knowing that there are a multitude of maneuvers. In this case, you would set the app to ‘Low Savings’ (the default setting).

    Try our new features, and find out why MapQuest 4 Mobile is different, and a must for your starting lineup.

  3. We at MapQuest strive to get travelers to their destinations; it’s what we do. Adding MapQuest 4 Mobile to your list of must-have travel applications is a no-brainer. Obviously, we’re biased, so listen to what some others are saying. ;)

    Los Angelinos represent our #1 market for search traffic, so perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Los Angeles Times ran a piece within the Daily Travel and Deal Blog featuring 21 travel apps worth using, and you guessed it, MapQuest 4 Mobile bats leadoff.

    Add MapQuest 4 Mobile to your iPhone™ travel toolbox!

    Screenshots of Los Angeles Times Article
  4. Before the Academy Awards® or the Grammy’s® there is another top award ceremony to be held. It’s the Adrian Awards and MapQuest’s partner, Hampton Hotels, will be there to celebrate! Hampton Hotels has won the “Silver Award” for Web Ad Series from the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for their sponsorship of the MapQuest Business Locator!

    Hampton Hotels will be recognized for their advertising excellence award for MapQuest Business Locator at the 53rd annual Adrian Awards Competition, one of the largest and most prestigious travel marketing competitions globally. You can check out all of the winning entries after the Adrian Awards Gala on Feb. 1, 2010 at

    screenshot of mapquest business locator displaying hampton hotels

    The MapQuest Business Locator is a one-of-a-kind, on-map search tool that allows you to find Hampton Hotels as well as other businesses and services such as Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and many more!

    Hampton Hotels also participated as a MapQuest Business Locator beta partner on the MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone™. The MQ4M App allows you to search for the Hampton Inn nearest you, while you are on the move!

    Business Locator displaying Hampton Hotels on MQ4M iPhone App

    What a great way to ring in the New Year. Congratulations Hampton Hotels and MapQuest Business Locator! Cheers to continued success in 2010!

  5. Not to be overshadowed by the recent release of 360 View, the MapQuest Mobile Team has been working around the clock (almost like little North-Pole Elves) to roll-out upgrades, feature enhancements, distribution arrangements with carriers and much more.

    Put simply, our mobile software suite is now better than before, can be accessed on more phones and is available through more channels and carriers.

    Let’s go through the list and see what has changed:

    I. Mobile Safari and Android Updates (Mobile Web experience)

    We have listened to your requests and added Geo Location to the latest release. That’s right, iPhone and Android users visiting now have the ability to utilize their Smartphone’s GPS receiver to pinpoint their current location within the map, directions and search forms.

    For those of us that love to “tap” instead of type, this feature is a huge time saver!

    A few additional highlights of this release include:

    A. Access to saved maps and routes from
    B. Utilize walking directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.

    If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, check it out at

    II. MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone

    Since its introduction in July, the MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone product has gained feature enhancements every month–with December being no exception. Available last week, version 1.2 features many enhancements that our users have long asked for.

    The latest release (1.2) includes:

    A. Walking directions feature that provides directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.
    B. New map styles with terrain and vegetation imagery that emulates the experience.
    C. Directions Mode now includes a collapsible “hat” that allows users to expand and contract their route narrative, resulting in a larger view of the map.
    D. Metric Units Support. In Directions Mode, users can now view their route detail in metric units.

    Get the new version here via iTunes.

    III. MapQuest 4 Mobile on BlackBerry

    The last few months we have also been busy collaborating with new carriers and distributors to offer the BlackBerry version of MapQuest 4 Mobile to their customers.

    As such, we are happy to announce that MapQuest 4 Mobile for BlackBerry is now available as a free download on BlackBerry App World!

    In addition, you can also download the product for free at the following locations:

    B. Sprint customers with BlackBerry phones can download the product via the “PocketExpress” application.

    NOTE: New BlackBerry models are coming! Look for the popular 9700 and 9630 models soon via BlackBerry App World.

    We are excited to be able to bring you these updates as we head into the New Year. Make sure to check in at to see the latest release information.
    Happy Holidays from the MapQuest Mobile Team!

  6. The stage is finally set. With the introduction of MapQuest Navigator on iPhone earlier this month, we now have two distinctive mapping and directions products for iPhone users. Both applications, MapQuest 4 Moblie and MapQuest Navigator, provide the ability for users to get where they need to go and what to do along the way.

    And while both products share this same base functionality, each were designed for their own use case and specific purpose in mind. Here is a tale of these two apps:

    MapQuest 4 Mobile:

    The next evolution of maps and directions on the iPhone.

    Overview: A FREE simple and full-featured alternative to the on-board iPhone maps application providing users easy access to maps, directions, points of interest business listings, and the ability to view MapQuest My Places information.

    Designed For:

    • Casual and business travelers, as well as anyone looking to view maps or easily create directions (route) to and from a specific location(s).
    • Users wishing to view and utilize their Maps & Directions created and saved at on their iPhone. Get your My Places account here.
    • Users traveling to a new destination wanting easy access to various business listings such as coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.

    Current Version: 1.1.2 (NEW!) Get it here.


    MapQuest Navigator:

    Simple, intuitive, voice-guided navigation for everyone.

    Overview: An affordable streamlined, easy to use turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation application that presents users with an intuitive interface for receiving their route directions via spoken street and highway names.

    Designed For:

    • Casual and business travelers, as well as tourists looking to optimally navigate to a new or known destination via verbal cues and spoken directions.
    • Users that are looking to easily navigate to a known or unknown location-avoiding traffic incidents or traffic congestion.
    • Users traveling to a new destination wanting easy access and route guidance to various business listings such as coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.

    Current Version: 1.0 Get it here for only $3.99/mo, $9.99/3 months, $29.99/yr


  7. As most may know, earlier in the Spring, we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile for BlackBerry. With My Places integration for easy retrieval of your saved Maps & Routes from, it is the perfect compliment to the “road warrior” lifestyle.

    For those of you that haven’t downloaded the free application, we have made it super easy to get the app so you can hit the road! Over on we have added a handy little widget that allows you to easily get the application on your BlackBerry. Simply enter your mobile number into the form, click “Send me the link” and seconds later your download link arrives via a *text message. After clicking on the link, your download of the application will begin. It’s the fastest way to start using MapQuest 4 Mobile on your BlackBerry!

    To see if your BlackBerry is compatible, please click here and select your carrier and phone.

    *standard carrier text rates apply

  8. Let’s face it, one of the key elements of any mapping product is the ability to search a particular location for an address or business. When we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile for the iPhone a few months back, we utilized the standard iPhone “2-box” on “1-line” interface that looks like the current mobile Safari search area.

    After the product began to “settle-in”, we heard from a great deal of users that the “1-line” interface was confusing and a bit “clunky”. What did we do? We fixed it and then improved the overall performance of the app as well. Now in version 1.1, when you click within the search field, you are presented with two horizontal search boxes; one for “search by business” and one for “search by address” (see illustration below).

    The list below represents the complete set of updates found within the new 1.1 version:

    • Improved search experience: “Double-decker” entry for business search & address
    • Improved Place Carousel speed and performance
    • Faster “tabbing” between modes: Maps, Directions, My Places, and Settings
    • Improved routing performance
    • My Places locations and locally stored locations can now be viewed on the same screen

    If you haven’t already downloaded the free application for your iPhone, click here to get the latest version now {opens iTunes link}.

  9. Now Featuring Address Book Integration!

    Since our MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone app launched last month, a great deal of you requested a way to easily plot the address of a contact in your address book onto a MapQuest 4 Mobile map. Well, ask and you shall receive! The latest version available now in the iPhone App Store includes this new feature as well as a host of changes and enhancements. Here is the complete list:

    1. New Address Book integration! Easily plot any address from your iPhone’s address book onto a MapQuest 4 Mobile map and get directions to that address.
    2. 13 new branded place widgets that include: Chili’s®, Citibank®, Comfort Inn®, Embassy Suites®, FedEx®, Home Depot®, HSBC®, Interstate Batteries®, Kohl’s®, Papa John’s®, Quality Inn®, Sears®, and Wendy’s®.
    3. Added Search, Map, and Directions Icons to My Places for easier visual recognition.
    4. Various user interface bug and stability fixes.

    So, if you haven’t downloaded the free application, what have you been waiting for?
    Click here to get it now.

  10. It has been a week since we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile in the iPhone App Store, and the application has already racked-up over 180 thousand downloads and a top 20 birth in the “Free” app category (the app currently sits at #12). Users and the press alike are ecstatic about the application-providing a host of accolades and reviews that bear mentioning once again.

    “MapQuest’s new free iPhone app – pretty much a head-on direct competitor to the Google Maps client that ships with the iPhone OS. Definitely worth checking out.” – John Gruber, Daring Fireball

    “MapQuest 4 Mobile is the latest mapping app for the iPhone and iPod touch from MapQuest from AOL. This free iPhone app works as great substitute for the built in Google Maps iPhone app.” —

    “I like that MapQuest has a few tricks up its sleeve that are not in the built-in Maps app. I’ll definitely be keeping it, using it, and finding out whether I prefer it to Maps.” – Patrick Jordan, Just Another iPhone Blog

    So, if you haven’t downloaded the free application, what have you been waiting for? Your iPhone is begging for an alternative to the standard Maps app from Google!

    Click here to get it now.