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  1. Since our Mobile Website launched for iPhone and Android devices in November, 2009, several of you requested integration with the GPS support on your device. You asked…and we delivered. In particular for Android devices with version 1.1 or higher, the MapQuest Mobile Website supports an option to enable and use GPS geo-location.

    This means:

    1. Type fewer keystrokes. If your device supports GPS, and you haven’t denied access to use it on the site, you’ll have an option to choose “My Current Location” instead of typing an address.
    2. An optimized experience. The MapQuest Mobile Website is optimized for your Android device, no matter what version of the operating system you’re using.
    3. Google Gears geo-location support. You’ll see a customized alert the first time you complete a form with the “My Current Location” option enabled.
    4. Android 2.0+ geo-location support. If your device is Android 2.0 or higher, your default browser doesn’t use gears for geo-location – but it can still acquire position data. We’ve got support for your device too.

    Enabling automatic geo-location support makes our site easier to use, and that’s why we made sure it was one of the first upgrades we made to the MapQuest Mobile Website. With Android’s growing popularity and powerful features, it was a pretty clear choice to offer this functionality to our users. So pick up your Android phone, start up the browser, and go to!

  2. Not to be overshadowed by the recent release of 360 View, the MapQuest Mobile Team has been working around the clock (almost like little North-Pole Elves) to roll-out upgrades, feature enhancements, distribution arrangements with carriers and much more.

    Put simply, our mobile software suite is now better than before, can be accessed on more phones and is available through more channels and carriers.

    Let’s go through the list and see what has changed:

    I. Mobile Safari and Android Updates (Mobile Web experience)

    We have listened to your requests and added Geo Location to the latest release. That’s right, iPhone and Android users visiting now have the ability to utilize their Smartphone’s GPS receiver to pinpoint their current location within the map, directions and search forms.

    For those of us that love to “tap” instead of type, this feature is a huge time saver!

    A few additional highlights of this release include:

    A. Access to saved maps and routes from
    B. Utilize walking directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.

    If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, check it out at

    II. MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone

    Since its introduction in July, the MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone product has gained feature enhancements every month–with December being no exception. Available last week, version 1.2 features many enhancements that our users have long asked for.

    The latest release (1.2) includes:

    A. Walking directions feature that provides directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.
    B. New map styles with terrain and vegetation imagery that emulates the experience.
    C. Directions Mode now includes a collapsible “hat” that allows users to expand and contract their route narrative, resulting in a larger view of the map.
    D. Metric Units Support. In Directions Mode, users can now view their route detail in metric units.

    Get the new version here via iTunes.

    III. MapQuest 4 Mobile on BlackBerry

    The last few months we have also been busy collaborating with new carriers and distributors to offer the BlackBerry version of MapQuest 4 Mobile to their customers.

    As such, we are happy to announce that MapQuest 4 Mobile for BlackBerry is now available as a free download on BlackBerry App World!

    In addition, you can also download the product for free at the following locations:

    B. Sprint customers with BlackBerry phones can download the product via the “PocketExpress” application.

    NOTE: New BlackBerry models are coming! Look for the popular 9700 and 9630 models soon via BlackBerry App World.

    We are excited to be able to bring you these updates as we head into the New Year. Make sure to check in at to see the latest release information.
    Happy Holidays from the MapQuest Mobile Team!

  3. Since last Fall, iPhone users have enjoyed a mobile-Safari optimized The experience provides seamless interaction to many of the features found on such as Directions, Maps, Search, Gas Prices, and Local. Once we finished the initial rollout we went back to work and added MapQuest Local on the iPhone in early January.

    As soon as we launched optimized for iPhone, we immediately started receiving requests from Android users voicing their desire to have the same experience on their beloved Android Smartphone devices.

    Well Android users, we are happy to announce that now supports an optimized experience on all Android devices, with draggable maps available in the Android 1.5 “Cupcake” update.

  4. My Name is Larry; I use an iPhone

    Since getting an iPhone, I’ve started leaving the laptop at home when I travel. While visiting family in Indiana for the holidays, I discovered that MapQuest Local was in need of a few enhancements when viewed on the iPhone. One of the great things about being a developer for MapQuest is having the ability to do something about this; I wanted to make MapQuest Local a first class citizen on the iPhone. So now, with the support of both the Mobile and Local teams, you can now see MapQuest Local as part of the experience.

    iphone local location bar

    Local, Wherever You Are

    iphone local menuWhenever you type into the address bar on Mobile Safari, you’ll find that you can now view MapQuest Local. Additionally, you can also visit and find Local as a new item listed in the dropdown menu.

    With MapQuest Local, you can find a place to eat, a movie to see afterwards, and check current traffic incidents all while on the go. It seamlessly integrates with MapQuest experience on the iPhone, so you can get directions and view maps of where you’re going. Also, we’ve only included the content and links to our content partners with mobile-friendly sites.

    iphone yelp example

    Look for additional content and features on MapQuest Local and our Mobile products in the near future.

  5. For many, the end of the year presents an opportunity to reflect on everything that the year has brought. Let’s take a moment to see some of our key accomplishments in 2008.

    We completed an amazing amount of work behind the scenes, but it’s the services we provide to our users that matter most in the end. So, in expedient fashion in order to move straight to planning for 2009, here’s our Top 8 in 2008 review:

    #8 – Fuel Cost for Trip Calculation

    Fuel Cost for Trip Calculation

    With gas prices spiking over the summer, many people were forced to evaluate just how much a trip might cost them. By entering your vehicle information in the settings for My MapQuest, we can help you estimate the cost of gas for a trip based on your vehicle’s miles per gallon and the local gas prices along your route.

    MapQuest on iPhone

    #7 – MapQuest on iPhone

    No doubt the iPhone is a popular gadget. You’ve always been able to access from your iPhone but, we launched an iPhone-optimized site which automatically loads when you visit from your iPhone. The site offers the iPhone flick and pinch gestures that so many love.

    #6 – Real-Time Traffic

    In March, we launched our real-time traffic feature. With coverage now in over 100 metro areas, you can view traffic flow, road closures, incidents, and construction to plan your drive. Traffic is even available on MapQuest for mobile web and our iPhone web version.

    #5 – Draggable Routes

    Our Draggable Routes feature launched in November and lets you drag your route to get you to your destination the way you want. Draggable routes lets you create directions around that stretch of highway you know is under construction, drive that scenic route along the highway, and drive through other parts of the city/state/country on your trip.

    MapQuest for Mobile on Blackberry Bold

    #4 – MapQuest 4 Mobile

    Getting maps and directions is easy from your computer. But,often times, you need to find places and get directions when you are out and about. MapQuest 4 Mobile, our new, free mobile application, makes that a snap on many BlackBerry devices and carriers.

    #3 – Saving Your Maps and Routes with My MapQuest

    How often do you plan your trip or route in advance? With the introduction of My MapQuest this November, you can now save your maps and directions and retrieve them anytime. You can even save the directions you’ve customized with draggable routes (see feature #5) for later use.

    #2 – MapQuest Local

    MapQuest Local

    MapQuest Local released with accolades in September. With loads of locally relevant content including news, movies, reviews, and much more bundled into a single page for a single location, Local is a great new online destination for finding what’s going on in your destination location.

    #1 – Brand Refresh

    Last but not least, we refreshed the MapQuest identity as a reflection of our site’s evolution. The logo was redrawn from scratch, to make it fresh & modern, yet familiar and instantly recognizable. Mark the Star The colors are sharper, the layout of is cleaner and the brand is more vibrant and proud. It’s a design that stays true to what you said MapQuest means to you.

    We also re-introduced “Mark the Star,” a fun and friendly character who marks the locations you find on MapQuest. He’s been with us from the beginning, but he finally got a little polish, personality and an elevated status across the site.

    And of course, we can’t forget you. You’ve sent us your stories, your suggestions, your questions and corrections. A small group of you even worked closely with us weekly-sometimes daily- to provide your feedback and direction on our projects and concepts. Your feedback was crucial to the successful launch of all 8 products listed above. A heartfelt “thank you” from all of us at MapQuest.

    And now, onward to 2009!

  6. MapQuest users have come to rely on the quality and accuracy of MapQuest results no matter where they are — which is why we are delighted to introduce MapQuest optimized for the iPhone. We have served millions of requests for MapQuest from iPhone and iPod browsers and now those results will be presented in a fast, easy-to-use way specifically for the iPhone.

    MapQuest Web Application for iPhone

    Now you can pinch, flick, and tap your way to your destination on! Our new iPhone interface includes the same features that MapQuest provides on the full-browser experience. Driving Directions, Maps, Local Search, Traffic, Recent Locations, and Cheapest Gas Prices, with more enhancements showing up automatically in the near future. No downloads needed!

    How do I get there?

    Easy. Just type into your iPhone or iPod Touch Safari Browser. We’ll detect that you are coming from an iPhone and know to send you directly to our iPhone web interface.

    Once there, you can tap the “+” at the bottom of your screen and select “Add to Home Screen” to place a shortcut icon on your iPhone’s main menu screen. You’ll then see the MapQuest Star icon on your screen for easy access back to MapQuest.

    We hope you enjoy the user experience of MapQuest for iPhone. Remember to look for more features coming soon!

  7. On the heels of our launch of MapQuest Beta, we’re following it up with some exciting enhancements to MapQuest for Mobile Web, a.k.a. our ‘WAP’ site. If you haven’t tried MapQuest on your web-enabled cell phone, I’ll give you an overview and then introduce the new enhancements to our service.

    Almost all mobile phones sold in the last few years can give you access to the mobile web, so it’s not like you have to have the latest gadget! Just go to on your phone’s mobile web browser and you’ll be able to find places, get maps and directions – ‘right-sized’ for your mobile phone. Millions of people are already using MapQuest for Mobile Web every month, and we’re helping them get where they need to go, while they’re on the go.

    Here are the basics. In “Find a Place” you can search 16 million Points of Interest and find restaurants, hotels, parks, and more; just by putting in a name, zip, intersection or city. On most carriers you’ll also enjoy our Click to Call feature; where you can simply click the phone number within the searched location and immediately call the business. Use Map a Location to get maps of the US and Canada that you can pan and zoom. And, in “Get Directions” you’ll find reliable turn by turn directions just like online – only right on your phone. You can also choose advanced route options to avoid highways or toll roads.

    And now we’re introducing additional valuable features to our mobile-web service.

    Gas Prices
    OK, we’re all shocked at the price of gas these days, but perhaps MapQuest can help ease your pain a bit. Now you can find the lowest priced gas on MapQuest for Mobile Web. Simply click on the ‘Find Gas Prices’, and you can find local stations by price, distance or the station name. So, whether you’re running on “E”, or just looking to save a buck, MapQuest Gas Prices can help you out.

    Multi-point directions
    Making more than one stop along your way?We’ve upgraded our ‘Get Directions’ link, to make multiple stops on a trip or while running errands. You can now add up to six locations to your route and get turn-by-turn directions from point A to B to C, etc, displayed right on your phone’s screen.

    Walking Directions
    Taking on the city on foot? MapQuest for Mobile Web now has a Walking Directions option that displays the most direct route for pedestrians. Our walking routes ignore one-way streets and provide you with the shortest distance available.

    So there you have it, enhanced features to make your on the go experience even better. Type in into your mobile browser and you’re on your way.

    Note: Check with your carrier about mobile web access – sometimes it’s included with your service, but they may charge a small additional fee for web browsing or it may count toward your minutes.