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  1. With the recent release of MapQuest Travel Blogs, we’re excited to start using it ourselves. We’ll be taking photos and sharing our trip down to Austin later this week along with some friends.

    Cell service is sometimes spotty on the road, and our free Travel Blogs app was built with this in mind. You can build your blog and add photos and reviews while offline and then sync all your posts once you find internet again.

    We’ve collected all of our Austin blogs on one Best of Austin page so you can join in our adventures.  You’ll find:

    There will also be 5 live blogs starting at the end of the week. If you like music, bbq and shenanigans, follow along by subscribing to any or all of them:

    • RVSXers – Sit shot gun with the RVSXers as they road trip in an RV from Chicago to Austin (and back).
    • Jeremy – 10 days in Austin…or at least staying as long as he can handle.  Follow along to see if he makes it.
    • Monika – Telling us all about The Sounds of Austin…pretty sure there will be some stories live music in this one.
    • Kaitlyn – Your eyes are never bored at SXSW…as you’ll find out via Kaitlyn’s blog, The Sights of Austin.
    • Anke – Foodaholics rejoice!  Anke’s blogging about yummy food trucks and awesome hidden gem restaurants in downtown Austin. Follow along and give her your suggestions for what to try and what to avoid.

    No matter if you’re planning to experience SXSW in person or virtually, keep our Best of Austin guide handy.  If you are lucky enough to go, you can create your own Austin blog on or get the iPad / iPhone app here.

    MapQuest's Best of Austin Guide

  2. MapQuest Travel BlogsWe’re excited to share today’s launch of MapQuest Travel Blogs on the web and iOS devices – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Free travel blogs are the perfect way for you to seamlessly capture all of your memories from your journeys and share your adventures with friends and family.  It’s easy to set-up and add photos, stories and more, making it possible for everyone to create their very own travel blog!

    MapQuest Travel Blogs is the second in a series of handy travel tools by MapQuest focused on helping you to dream, plan, experience, document and share your trips highlighting the places where the map meets your life.

    Here are just some of the awesome features in MapQuest Travel Blogs:

    • Easily create a blog of your adventures with photos, stories, reviews and more
    • Automatically map out your entire trip
    • Share your blog with friends and family via your social networks or automatic email updates so you can stay connected throughout your travels or as when you get back to cherish your journeys
    • Update your blog from anywhere with the iOS app- it works offline even if you don’t have internet access and then syncs up with your website when you have wifi
    • Read about and see great travel journals from others
    • Ability to keep your blogs private or make them public so you can inspire others – your blog can even be featured by MapQuest or AOL in our blog of the week
    • Available on web, tablet and mobile

    Not traveling right now? No problem. You can get your travel juices flowing by reading about other traveler’s journeys. We have over 24,000 blogs already created, some of these are sure to get you excited about traveling.

    Happy Travels!