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    Did you know you could customize your map icon in our iPhone and Android apps? The map icon marks your position on the map and while the default is a basic blue dot, we offer 25 other icons to help you add a little pizzaz to your MapQuest app, free! In the most recent update, we’ve added cat and dog icons to the mix, paying homage to fido and our feline companions. Show your furry friends a little love and customize your map icon! Here’s how:

    1. Open your MapQuest app for iPhone or Android. Need the app? Click here.
    2. Click the menu icon, then click “Settings”
    3. Click “My theme” or “My Position Icon” and choose your map icon

    Feedback? We love feedback! Get in touch.

  2. Cup holders. When it comes to your vehicle, your cup holders aren’t just for keeping your beverage snug and secure around sharp turns and bumps in the road. They hold loose change, lip balm, rubber bands and even our cell phones. This got us thinking—why don’t most mobile applications display properly when your phone is upside down, charging in the cup holder?

    Introducing, “Upside-Down” mode! The latest feature in our new, made for iOS 7 navigation app is designed to help you get to your favorite places while your iPhone re-charges in it’s usual upside down position, cozy in the cup holder. Now you can see your next turn and the traffic ahead no matter which angle your phone rests at. Nice.

    Get the iPhone app today or update yours to the latest version (4.0.5) to get “Upside-Down” mode!

  3. Imagine your teen has just been handed the keys to the family car to go out for the evening, as a parent, you just can’t help being a little nervous about it. MapQuest is here to help. Before they leave the house, grab your son’s or daughter’s Android phone and create a single tap shortcut called ‘Home’ with MapQuest so that no matter where they are, all they have to do is select ‘Home’ and it will navigate them back to your house using voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions without having to look at their phone while driving. They might still run out of gas, but they won’t get lost.

    This is available now as part of MapQuest for Android Version 1.3.0, which offers a trio of useful features that will help save time and keep you tethered to important places while out-and-about.

    Add Favorites

    One of our intrepid mobile engineers recently lamented having to re-find and re-enter locations that he visits frequently, yet not so frequently that directions are unnecessary. In his case, his kids play sports, and the games are held at a variety of participating schools. Over a weekend, he built the ability to identify and save the names and locations to favorite places from the place detail page. Naturally, the icon he chose to identify this feature was a heart icon. Any location can be added as a ‘Favorite’ and the list is easily accessed via the menu key on your android device.

    Voice Activation

    Not satisfied with merely selecting the locations from a list, he further added the ability to navigate to a favorite place by voice command. Getting to one of the schools was now as easy as tapping the mic button in the search box and saying, ‘navigate’  then the name of the ‘favorite’ destination.

    So now, after you add ‘home’ to your teenager’s phone, all he has to do is tell his phone “Navigate home!”


    You can also create a shortcut to a favorite destination that you saved with a long press on your devices’ Homescreen. One-click access, it really doesn’t get any easier than that ;)

    With the new MapQuest Android App, your favorites are a voice command or a single click away. Not bad for a weekend’s work. Try the latest version of the MapQuest android app and let us know what you think.

  4. MapQuest 4 Mobile Adds Spoken Street Names

    Last week we announced the new and today we’ve got some big news for mobile:  MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone version 2.0 debuts!  We listened to all your feedback and now this new version speaks street names aloud, re-routes automatically, and runs in the background with iOS 4 making FREE navigation easier.

    Spoken Street Names keeps concentration on the task at hand while providing the most critical information needed in an easy-to-understand medium: the street name of where to turn, spoken in a friendly voice (e.g. ‘Turn Left on York Street.’).

    Auto Re-Route eases the stress of a missed turn, by automatically recalculating the way to the destination.  In other words, no interaction with the device is necessary.

    Compatibility with iOS 4 allows MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone to organize the myriad of purposes afforded by fast application switching and background GPS (via iOS 4) by continuing Voice Guidance  & Spoken Street Names whether on a call, listening to iPod, or saving battery with the application hidden.

    MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone New App Icon

    The App Icon is also new.  To reflect our new MapQuest brand, you’ll now look for the green and white icon to launch the MapQuest app.

    Who needs in-car or paid navigation when one can carry it in their pocket, for free?